Berlin Diaries: KOMA Elektronik Headquarters

US A chat with the new kids on the block      05/12/14
    MP4 12:7 mins    

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In 2011 two friends Wouter and Christian launched KOMA Elektronik with their two flagship pedals the FT201 and BD101. With a very distinctive design and functionality these two pedals cemented the company as one to keep an eye on. Now only 3 years later the company has expanded their product line to include eurorack modules as well some great utility tools.

In this video we had a chat to Wouter and Christian about the formation of the company and the ethos behind their products. They were also kind enough to give us a sneak preview of the upcoming Poltergeist module and tease us with what they will have in store for us in January.

"all we can say is that it will be BIG"

You can catch Wouter and Christian at the NAMM show, Anaheim, Booth A6990.

Edd Butterworth

note: I don't own a binaural microhone so you can't really get a sense of the Poltergeist module in action, however let me tell you audio rate modulation of the pan is quite something in a quadraphonic setup...

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