Softube Console 1 And SSL XL9000 K Channel Strip

US Hands on mixing controller with a twist      16/11/14

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The Softube Console 1 gives you the abillity to call up your channel strip plug-in and tweak, hands on, making the mix process far more "real console-like". Its an interesting workflow enhancement and supports the growing notion of choosing a selection of controllers to support your own personal workflow, rather than one large one that may or may not fit quite so neatly.

We saw the Console 1 demonstrated at the Music Production Expo at Emirates Stadium this weekend, it was shown with the newly announced SSL XL9000 K channel strip which is now available in addition to the SL 4000 E which it ships with.

As described:

While Solid State Logic's SL 4000 E is widely considered a great pop and rock'n'roll console with its slightly gritty and forward sound, the circuit design of XL 9000 K offers an extreme bandwidth, minimal phase shift and super low distortion. This makes it one of the world's most popular analog consoles for hip-hop and R'n'B, where the solid, deep low end and extended highs work great for getting that hyper modern, large and wide sound. For the same reasons, it is also loved for classical and acoustic audiophile recordings.

Console 1 is available now at around 699 UK pounds, SSL XL9000 K plug-in is a separate plug-in purchase which Console 1 can also control



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