New Soundsdivine Soundset Bundles

Presets for U-He, Xils-Lab, Waldorf and FXpansion      07/11/14

New Soundsdivine Soundset Bundles

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Soundsdivine has announced four new soundset bundles. Here's their description of each:

Lush Sonics: Bundle for U-He's DIVA - 265 presets from the 'Introspective' & 'Art Of Sound' soundsets.

This bundle features an impressive variety of sounds , from epic choral pads, dreamy washed out soundscapes , vintage analogue pads , 90's unison style house hits , unusual wavetable sounds , noise wash pads and a whole lot more.

Vintage & Rare: Bundle for Xils-Lab synthesizers - 450+ presets for Xils-Lab's XILS4 / Oxium / PolyKb & SynthiX synthesizers

This collection of sounds features many different timbres & textures suitable for a range of genres . From classic analogue style sequences , industrial soundscapes , pan drum arpeggios , big vintage unison pads , chillwave synth sounds , pschedelic arpeggios, fluteish sequences plus a whole lot more .

Included soundsets:

  • 'Soul Design V2' - XILS 4
  • 'Event Horizon' - Oxium
  • 'X' - SynthiX
  • 'Horizon' - PolyKB

Ambient Surrounds: Bundle for Waldorf's Largo - 200 presets from the 'Ambient Chill' & 'Spacetime' soundsets.

This bundle features cold alien soundscapes , weird timbres , glitched out
pads , classic 80s digital pads , deep space type pad sounds , snappy
arpeggios , strange FX and many more .

Synthetic Infusion: Bundle for FXpansion's Strobe - 256 presets from the 'New Retro' & 'Vintage Electronic' soundsets.

Making extensive use of FXpansion's Transmod system , this collection of sounds is a fresh take on synthesizer sounds from the 80s & 90s and features big poly unison pads , rhythmic bass seqences , glitchy synth sounds , unusual timbres , lots of classic arpeggiated sounds , dub hits , polyrhythmic tremolo pads , overdriven drops & sequences , and much more .

Pricing and Availability:
Lush Sonics: $49
Vintage & Rare: $69
Ambient Surrounds: $32.95
Synthetic Infusion: $32.95

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