iZotope Drop RX4 For Even More Restoration

US Advanced also adds a lot more features      12/09/14

iZotope Drop RX4 For Even More Restoration

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iZotope's RX technology has been the go to repair and audio fixing tool for some time now. With many features designed to rid your audio of unwanted clicks, hums, hiss, reverb and selected frequencies over time - its not surprising.

Just announced today is RX4 and RX4 Advanced with several new modules in the collection of tools to fix your mix, or dialog etc.

Advanced gets most of these with the inclusion of Eq Match, Ambience Match, Leveler and Loudness. As well as al the other new stuff in RX4

RX4 regular now gets access to the efficient Dialoge Denoiser (previously Advanced only), RX Connect, Adaptive Hum Removal and Clip Gain.

Also, there's a special offer on both versions with RX4 Advanced at $999 (from $1199) and RX4 at $299 (from $349).

Details on extra features:

RX 4 Advanced:

EQ Match

Quickly learn the EQ of a source audio clip and easily apply that EQ curve to a target audio clip, enabling sonic balance and smooth transitions between multiple audio sources with different EQ qualities.

Ambience Match

Match the environment noise of two different audio recordings with ease. Quickly learn the ambient noise from a source audio clip and apply it to another audio clip, and create long sections of constant ambient noise to insert under inconsistent dialogue recordings.


Balance out vocals, dialogue, and voiceovers. There's no need to manually adjust levels of your vocals to get a balanced sound; the Leveler module will automatically do it for you.


Ensure your mixes will never fail network specifications again. The Loudness module will process whole program mixes or segments to comply with international industry standards.

RX4 Features

Dialogue Denoiser

Reduce unwanted background noise and electrical interference from dialogue in real-time, with zero latency. With an intuitive workflow, the Dialogue Denoiser is the easiest way to achieve pristine results in the least amount of time.

RX Connect

Use RX in conjunction with your video or audio editing software of choice without slowing down productivity. A round-trip workflow enables you to send audio from your host application to RX, so you can repair and enhance and then send the new audio back to your host.

Adaptive Hum Removal

Notch out fundamental hum frequencies that may change over time, like when you are recording a shot in multiple locations.

Clip Gain

This non-destructive feature lets you easily adjust and balance the volume of vocals and instrumentals.

Updated UI

Subtle changes allow the editor to have a better experience editing in RX. A flatter, cleaner UI is complemented by color gradients that are more pleasing to the eyes, making it ideal for multiple-hour editing sessions.

Additional Features


  • Full-screen support for Mac
  • Export marker regions as files
  • New codec export supports (FLAC/Ogg Vorbis )
  • Metadata display (see ID3 tags and broadcast wav metadata like source timecode, etc.)
  • Time-reverse your audio
  • Updated timeline ruler that displays original recorded source timecode
  • Support for 24 FPS timecode
  • Movable tabs
  • Improved default behaviour for SAVE, SAVE AS, EXPORT, and OVERWRITE ORIGINAL FILE


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