Wusik 8000 Announced

Wusik 4000 modular synth/sampler gets a big brother      28/04/14

Wusik 8000 Announced

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Wusik 8000 has been announced. Here's what Wusik has to say in their own words...

It has been nearly one year since we first announced Wusik 4000. We have worked hard and made this new product a reality in less than 12 months. Now is time to move forward with a new product, based on Wusik 4000, but new, bigger! The idea is to start coding Wusik 8000 ASAP, with beta versions released soon, just like we did for Wusik 4000. For that, we are doing a great deal on a new group-buy (the first this year). This deal is open to new and current users.

About Wusik 8000

The BIG brother of Wusik 4000, porting all the goodies from its little brother, but adding more and more features. Wusik 8000 is a BIG project, with more options, a higher price tag, and also heavier, but without losing its own beauty. There are times that Wusik 4000 alone will do the trick, other times, Wusik 8000 comes to the rescue! The idea is to re-write Wusik 4000 and introduce a totally new product. With Wusik 4000 and 8000 along, we will have a great set of modular products that are easy to use, sound great and can totally change the way you make music. Wusik 8000 is for the bold users out there, who are not afraid of experimenting new sounds. But still, it can be easy to setup, easy as clicking on a preset and playing some notes. Below you will find the complete details of what we are working on for this great new product.

Wusik 8000 Features that are not part of Wusik 4000:

- Mixer View with the ability to solo/mute modules.

- Matrix View: this view will show all the connections in a matrix style. So if you don't like "wires", this is the view for you. You can always disable wires and use only this view instead.

- Option to zoom in and out to view the entire list of modules in a single non-scrollable window.

- VST Module Wrapper (mostly to be able to use VST effects, as we can't guarantee that VSTi plugins will be possible to use, but we may find a way).

- Improved GUI compared to Wusik 4000: new skin with improved interface.

- Extra Preset options, such as rating system.

- Better Preset Browser and Searching.

- Wusik Station preset import/converter.

- Wusik 8000 will read Wusik 4000 presets and sounds without problems, since part of the code is based on Wusik 4000 engine, but re-written to accommodate some new options. Now, Wusik 4000 may not be able to read correctly Wusik 8000 presets, since it uses a new format.

- More and more presets, specially for the included Wusik Station sounds.

-Optimized module SDK specially done for Wusik 8000. The new format will allow modules to process bulk of frames, instead of a single frame, as the current Wusik 4000 module format uses. This will save a lot of CPU usage when using effects and modules without any modulation attached. This requires a big overhaul of the module format, making Wusik 8000 modules not compatible with Wusik 4000, and vice-versa.

Wusik 8000 New Modules that are not part of Wusik 4000:

  • MIDI: Scala TUN files for Micro-Tunning.
  • Modulation: Pure Data (PD) Scripting.
  • Sound Generator: Karplus String Delay.
  • Sound Generator: Sample Player XT: new mapping options, including Loop Editor.
  • Sound Generator: Sample Player XT: Pad-Synth support.
  • Filter: Comb Filter and other types too.
  • Filter: Special glitch filters and other crazy filters schemes (polyphonic).
  • Sound Generator: FM Sound Generators.
  • Effect: more effects, mostly ported from the Wusik Station effects list.

Pricing and Availability:
2014 Pre-Order Group-Buy available for new and current users

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