Wusikstation Enhanced

Vector wave sequencer for VST is improved      20/12/04

Wusikstation Enhanced
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Wusik dot com have released version 1.09 of Wusikstation. This new release adds significant workflow enhancements and is free to all users of Wusikstation. The main changes are: In the wave sequence layer
  • New options have been introduced to make it easier to select specific waves in a wave?sequence.
  • Individual steps in a wave?sequence lane can be grouped and edited together ˆ there is the option to maintain relative levels or to set all steps to the same level. Further new options allow all steps within a given range to be selected.
  • A larger display has been implemented to make it easier to edit wave?sequences.
    Other workflow enhancements include
  • Individual WAV files can be loaded more easily without being converted into WusikSND format ˆ there is now no restriction on sample rates or whether the source file is mono or stereo.
  • Navigation around the soundsets has been improved with the introduction of sub?directories
  • Key zones may now be selected from a midi keyboard.
  • There is a new option to load only a specific preset from a bank. A demo of Wusikstation is available from
  • You can also check out the main features of Wusikstation in the introductory video at http://www.wusik.com/index.php?pagep=wusikstation/videos


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