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GB Latest DJ Controller/Mixer hits the stores      21/11/13

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Numark has announced availability of the NS7 II, which we first brought you news of from the NAMM show in January. They describe it as a dramatically enhanced and updated version of the industry's most advanced and best-selling motorised DJ controller/mixer. Here's their press release with the full details:

Numark has set a breathtaking pace for digital DJ'ing for more than 20 years, empowering DJs with cutting-edge technology to continually advance the art form to hitherto unparalleled heady heights. In 2007, Numark and Serato® unleashed the original NS7, a clever controller/mixer combo that brought a level of performance with digital media that had never before been achieved, accurately reproducing the look and feel of vinyl, beautifully blurring the boundaries between different DJ'ing eras so successfully that it made them almost indistinguishable. Since then, the powerful practice proffered by the NS7 has defined top-tier DJ performance, perfectly setting the bar by which all other controllers can be justifiably judged. Until now, that is!

Now Numark is pushing contemporary DJ performance capabilities even further forward with its all-new NS7 II, incorporating iconic technology from Akai Professional, music production technology trendsetter and creator of the MPC legendary lineup. The NS7 II's 16 MPC® pads can be instantly assigned to control five dynamic performance features in Serato DJ -- namely, CUES, AUTO/ROLL, LOOP, SAMPLER, and SLICER. Moreover, each pad features RGB illumination, allowing for an almost endless amount of colour variations via MIDI. Vinyl platter control has never felt more familiar courtesy of its high- and low-torque motorised platters with real slip mats and real vinyl sitting on 3,600 ticks of resolution!

The NS7 II offers an industry-first capacitive, touch-activated FILTER, GAIN, and EQ (BASS, MID, TREBLE) knobs, and FX buttons that allow touching the knobs themselves to be turned into controllers so discerning DJs can use them for instant-on parameter control, blending effects, and instantaneous frequency kills.

According to Numark Product Manager Chris Roman, "NS 7 II is an interactive playground. It's built to squeeze every ounce of capability out of Serato DJ and push your creative limits. It's born to perform and to empower DJs with maximum live-performance creative capability."

Any DJ serious about raising their creativity to the highest possible level literally owe it to themselves to take the new NS7 II for a spin at their nearest Numark dealer today. After all, it's the best DJ controller ever built. Period! Purchasers can consider protecting their investment with an NS7 II Case, a coffin-style, heavy-duty fight-case constructed with metal reinforcement and dense foam padding; wheels and handle (for easy, rolling transportation); removable front and back panels (for quick setup and breakdown); and accommodation for a laptop computer stand. Well, what are you waiting for? DJ domination definitely awaits, wherever you roll up to!

Pricing and Availability:

NS7 II can be purchased from premier Numark dealers for €1,199.00 EUR/$1,499.95 USD/ £999.00 GBP. (The NS7 II Case carries an MSRP of €249.00 EUR/$299.95 USD/£199.00 GBP.)

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