Cross DJ For iPad Gets MIDI Control

New v1.4 release supports MIDI controllers      01/10/13

Cross DJ For iPad Gets MIDI Control

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Mixvibes has released Cross DJ for iPad 1.4 and they tell us that it can now be controlled by well-known

8 controllers get iPad mixing for the first time:

  • Mixvibes U Mix Control Pro
  • Mixvibes U Mix Control Pro 2
  • Pioneer DDJWeGo
  • Numark Mixtrack Pro
  • Numark Mixtrack Pro 2
  • Hercules DJ Console RMX 2
  • Hercules DJ Control Instint
  • Hercules DJ Control AIR

And 2 others popular iOS designed controllers are mapped:

  • Vestax Spin2
  • Numark iDJ Live


Here's more info in Mixvibe's own words...

Scratch on iPad like never before
Yes, Cross DJ has the best scratch on the App Store. Not only it sounds better than in other
apps, it is also more responsive. Blame this realistic vinyl feel on Mixvibes' true audio expertise:
the company pioneered digital scratch technology in the early 00's.

Same controls as real DJ software, yet easy to use
Cross DJ iPad is no toy DJ app. Made by DJs for DJs, it works like a pair of CDJs and a mixer.
The similarity of the workflow ensure seasoned DJs instant familiarity with Cross DJ's system.
Moreover, the app is easy to use. Its interface is more userfriendly than feature-focused DJ

Plug and play setup
Cable wise, all you need is a Camera Connection Kit + the controller's power supply or a generic
powered USB hub. No configuration is required in the app: everything is plug and play.

Main features

  • 2 decks with realistic scratch
  • Ultra-accurate synchronization and ultrafast beat matching
  • Complete DJ mixer with 3band
  • EQ, volume faders, crossfader and level meters
  • Parallel waveforms and track overview display + beatgrid editing
  • 14 effects with touch control pad
  • Loops
  • Hot cues
  • Pitch fader and pitch bend
  • Direct access to your iTunes library: sort tracks by BPM, title, artist, album or genre
  • Compatibility with most Bluetooth receivers for cablefree
  • mixing
  • Multiaudio
  • for USB compliant multichannel soundcard
  • External mixer audio routing mode (channel A and B are routed to different output)
  • iOS 7 compatibility

Pricing and Availability:
Cross DJ for iPad is sold at a promotional price for a limited time only $3.99 (instead of $9.99)
MIDI control is available as a $9.99 inapp purchase.
5 minutes free access is available to test before buying the inapp.

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