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Remixlive 6 mobile music creation app adds new Song mode and live keyboard      26/11/20

Mixvibes has released Remixlive 6. They say that you can dive deeper into music making and creating your own tracks, with its new Song mode and live keyboard. Here's the story in their own words...

Remixlive started as a simple app with the idea to bring music creation to a wider audience. Ever since the first update, the direction indicated by the feedback from our users was a desire for a more capable app. Since Remixlive first launched, we introduced many new features... Our latest update brings us even closer to the ideal music creation tool on iOS and Android.

Song mode is a complete and feature-rich arranger view that will allow our users to create much more complex tracks. It is inspired by desktop DAWs which include a central session view for sequencing music chronologically. Bringing this to Remixlive allows us to present a very versatile tool for users to play with and flesh out their creative vision.

The other major addition is the live keyboard: you can now pick any sound and play with it, either using a traditional keyboard layout, or a Scale keyboard with options for different keys and scales -- the second being very useful for beginner players to always play in the key of the track they're making, or advanced creators for inspiration.

We also expanded the Sequencer with extra note options: velocity, pitch, offset, roll (for glitchy repeat effects) and duration. They can all be adjusted manually, but are also useful for capturing real time live playing of a performance, so users can have full control over the notes they're playing. One note particularly out of sync? No worries, just adjust the offset! Capping off new features, we are taking another page from desktop DAW software by including MIDI support for a range of popular controllers, that will allow users to interact with Remixlive by using their favorite hardware controller, for even more expressiveness.

Pricing and Availability:

Remixlive is free to download, and available with in-app purchases of packs and features. Mixvibes also offers the possibility of a subscription on iOS and Android, which unlocks all packs and features for $8.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly. Remixlive 6 will be available for download in early December 2020.

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