Blog: Watching A Gig In A Swimming Pool

US Beautiful experience as sound reflects off walls and water      01/09/13

Blog: Watching A Gig In A Swimming Pool
Photo courtesy of Sun Glitters on Facebook

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SonicState blogger Daniel Magee relives the experience of watching one of the most exciting electronic artists in Europe perform in a swimming pool in Luxembourg City. So lie back, float on the ripples of reverberation, and soak it all in...

The evening of the 30th of August, I decided to entertain myself with a visit to a swimming pool in the heart of Luxembourg city for a night of floating weightlessly in the water. The reason for this spontaneous visit was the glitchy rhythms of the country's own Sun Glitters, the musical alias of Victor Ferreira.

For years, this one man project has gigged around the country and around the world, offering up a full length LPs Everything Could Be Fine and It's Snowing and The Girls Are Singing as well as a series of EPs and remixes which have not only intrigued the local populace, but escaped the confines of the country and slithered into the minds and consciousness of all who have any interest in the cut-up R&B tinged electronica which circulates the world wide web these days.

Despite having been likened to artists such as Gold Panda (who he's going on tour with during November) or Holy Other, Sun Glitters offers a sound of his own and delivers a beautiful mould of melody and ambience with an acute ear, and in turn creates something both pulsating and relaxing, a skill which perhaps isn't found so consistently in others of his ilk.

The presence of Sun Glitters' music within the swimming pool as it reverberated off the various surfaces was the perfect soundtrack to my long awaited return to water. A very reasonably sized crowd had gathered for the concert, as well as a few extras expecting a quiet evening swim, and they were far from disappointed.

Sun Glitters music evokes rolling waves and relaxed hazy sunsets as beats appear and disappear driving the pitched vocal melodies straight into the memory. The sound of splashing water as the crowd moved between pensive listening and playful pool behavior did nothing to detract from the performance, quite the opposite in fact, enhancing its dreaminess, and making the event all the more enjoyable.

Having attended one of my favorite concerts in recent memory, along with the recent news of Sun Glitters' signing a contract with LA label Mush, the first Luxembourgish electronic artist to sign for an American label, I feel that now more than ever is the time to take notice of this intriguing artist as his career truly begins with international recognition. As the EPs and remixes continue to flow, a new release is almost certainly round the corner. With his arrival on Mush, bigger and better things are surely on the way. Remember the name, Sun Glitters.

Check Sun Glitters out on Facebook


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