Ueberschall To Update Elastik

Sample & loop player to get AAX support plus more      23/08/13

Ueberschall To Update Elastik

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Ueberschall tells us that they are currently working on a new update for their free sample & loop player Elastik. New features include AAX support for OS X and Windows in 32 & 64 bit native mode, a new vintage pitch mode, multiple outs and the Random-Replacement-Filter. Elastik 2.5 is expected to be available as a free download on the Ueberschall homepage in November. Here's the details directly from Ueberschall.

AAX Native

The AAX format allows Elastik 2.5 to be used in the new Pro Tools 11. Elastik supports AAX in OS X and Windows in both 32 and 64 bit mode.

Vintage Pitch Mode

The Vintage Pitch mode allows editing of loops as in the pioneering days of sampling. In this mode the pitch of the material changes parallel to the tempo. This spares the transients and keeps the groove, perfect for percussion and drum loops.

Multiple Outs
It will be possible in version 2.5 to route each loop to its own output. This allows individual loops to be treated with external effects or to be mixed differently.

Random-Replacement Filter

Elastik 2.5 improves the Random-Replacement feature. The soundbanks from which new random samples are loaded can be determined using a filter. This can be used to only pick samples from libraries of the same genre or series. A feature that is particulary useful for users of the Inspire Series.

Bug Fixes
In addition to the features mentioned above there are also a number of minor bug fixes in version 2.5.

The Elastik player is developed by Ueberschall and zplane.development ( zplane.de ). Together they are constantly working on new updates to match all future needs for working with loops and samples.
Ueberschall√ęs Elastik player is the idea tool for loop-based music productions. Speed and pitch changes to adapt any loop of the Ueberschall catalogue to your needs are just a few mouse clicks apart. All Elastik libraries installed are displayed in a clearly laid out browser with immediate access to all loops. Because this browser does not only display the content of a single but of all installed Elastik libraries, this gives you a huge remix-pool.

Functions such as resample, formant and reverse as well as a powerful multimode filter with up to 72 dB/oct. slope are oriented towards DJs workflow and grant effective changes to loops for creative sound design.

Elastik 2 features:
+ innovative loopeye functions
+ fast browser features (multiple filter search, tagging)
+ prelisten in sync
+ sequence mode (loads of edtiting features per slice
+ random sound replacement
+ parameter automation
+ realtime sync to host
+ bounce of original and modified loops
+ resizeable window format
+ mutiple soundbank management
+ timestretch and pitchshift in best quality

Pricing and Availability:
Elastik 2.5 is expected to be available as a free download on the Ueberschall homepage in November.

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