Two New Digital Pianos From Roland

US FP-80 and FP-50 announced      05/04/13

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Roland has announced the FP-80 and FP-50, the next-generation models in the popular FP series of portable digital pianos. They say that these updated instruments feature SuperNATURAL Piano sounds, 88-note Ivory Feel keyboards, a large selection of onboard rhythm accompaniments with advanced full-keyboard chord recognition, easy operation, and more.

A spokesperson told us, "Stylish, compact, and available in two different colors, the FP-80 and FP-50 are equally suited for both home enjoyment and stage performing."

Here's more details in Roland's own words...

Roland's renowned SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine delivers pro-level acoustic pianos with extremely natural response, wide dynamic range, and seamless variations in tone. Also onboard the FP-80 and FP-50 are a large selection of SuperNATURAL-based classic electric pianos, as well as strings, organs, and many other versatile sounds. Dual Play and Split Play functions allow users to easily layer two tones together or split two sounds across the keyboard.

The FP-80's Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement features the same progressive hammer action and escapement found in Roland's top-line pianos, plus keys that replicate the unique appearance, texture, and moisture absorbing properties of real ivory. The more affordable FP-50 is outfitted with the Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement, an excellent keyboard that also features a progressive hammer action and an authentic ivory feel.

At the touch of a button, users can add impressive accompaniment as they play the FP-80 and FP-50. 90 newly created rhythms cover jazz, rock, and many other musical styles, and feature backing instruments along with drums for a rich ensemble sound. Thanks to full-keyboard chord recognition, the accompaniment intelligently follows chords played anywhere on the keyboard to create interactive real-time backing. Via optional USB memory, users can easily record their performances and play along with their favorite WAV audio songs.

Both the FP-80 and FP-50 offer full, dynamic sound with built-in stereo speaker systems. Additionally, the FP-80 is equipped with Roland's Acoustic Projection technology, which adds an additional speaker pair for an even more impressive sound with extra depth and dimension. The FP-80 also has a microphone input with a dedicated harmony effect, allowing vocalists to sing along and enjoy pleasant vocal harmonies that automatically follow the chords in the rhythm accompaniment or chords played on the keyboard.

The FP-80 and FP-50 are compatible with Roland Wireless Connect, which provides convenient, cable-free communication with Apple iOS devices via Roland's optional WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter. Two free Roland apps are available to use with the new FP-series pianos: Air Recorder (for the FP-80) allows players to record and share their performances as audio data on their iPhone or iPad and play along with their favorite songs stored on the devices, while Air Performer (for the FP-50) plays iPhone/iPad songs through the piano for play-along fun and practice.

The FP-80 and FP-50 are available in attractive black or white finishes. Optional matching stands include the KSC-76 (FP-80) and KSC-44 (FP-50).

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