Six Steinberg Controllers In One Bundle

US Steinberg releases CMC Six-Pack      20/02/13

Six Steinberg Controllers In One Bundle

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Steinberg has released the CMC Six-Pack, a new bundle deal comprising the  CMC line-up of USB controllers.

Stefan Schreiber, product marketing manager at Steinberg, told us, "The CMC Six-Pack is the most flexible controller setup ever made for Cubase: it's a touch-based mixer; it's a handy pad controller; it's a transport control you won't want to miss after the first try.We're offering Cubase users the opportunity to get their hands on some really great controllers at a price that's unbeatable: over 50% less than if bought separately!"

Here's the full details in Steinberg's own words...

The CMC Six-Pack is made up of all six controllers designed to offer users a modular controller experience. Arranging the units in a way that best suits the personal needs when using Cubase makes the CMC series a very customizable hardware control system. Each of the six slim-sized USB controllers provides tactile control over Cubase features.

The CMC-CH channel controller houses 16 illuminated buttons, one rotary encoder and a touch fader, offering immediate access to channel-relevant functions in Cubase.

The CMC-FD fader controller features four high-precision touch faders with LED-based metering and solo/mute function to provide efficient mixer control.

The CMC-QC quick controller boasts 13 illuminated buttons and eight rotary encoders for flexible assignment to Cubase controls, such as mapping to parameters of effects and EQ.

The CMC-PD pad controller features 16 highly responsive backlit pads and one rotary encoder, ideal for sample-based music performances.

The CMC-TP transport controller houses 17 buttons and a touch slider, tailored to the transport controls in Cubase.

The CMC-AI controller comes with Steinberg's AI Knob and ten function buttons for convenient volume level control, jog control, browsing and adjusting many plug-in and Cubase parameters.

Features at a glance

• Six unique micro controllers designed to take control of dedicated Cubase areas -- faster and more convenient than with any other solution

• Modular system: combine multiple units to form an eminently powerful Cubase control station that exactly fits your needs; joint plate included for quick and easy connection

• Fully mirrored Cubase functionality: intuitive operation due to the adoption of the Cubase color scheme and icons

• Perfect ergonomics guarantee a unique level of handling quality -- created to make your recording and live performance workflow more musical than ever

• Brings innovative technologies to your fingertips: illuminated, high-resolution touch controls and rotary encoders for detailed visual feedback

• Portable and compact: small enough to fit in your pocket, on a master keyboard or wherever desired

• User-assignable functions for even more flexibility and tweaking options

• USB-powered: no additional power supply required

• Cross-platform compatible: OS X and Windows support

• Cubase AI download version included to start recording your music straight away

Pricing and Availability:
The CMC Six-Pack is available from selected resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop as long as stocks last. The suggested retail price is 299 euros including German VAT.

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