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US Soundiron releases Ambius 2: Systematik      12/12/12

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Soundiron has released the brand new Ambius 2: Systematik, which they describe as a 4.9GB beast of an organic synth collection built on adaptive groove-building and inspiring tone and texture shaping features! To celebrate, they tell us that they are knocking $30 Off the price and offering some amazing deals on Apocalypse Percussion, Cymbology, The Struck Grand and their Montclarion Hall Steinway until 12/21/12. Here's what Soundiron told us:

Ambius 2 Systematic is an exploration of organic synthesis and a huge new step forward in our quest to build a truly flexible and adaptive sample-based atmospheric synth. This broad collection of richly nuanced flavors is designed to freely layer, blend and reshape into endless contortions, with a wide mix of percussive, tonal and textural elements programmed into unique dynamic and evolving instruments. It has an extraordinarily powerful GUI that combines detailed performance and tone shaping controls with an incredible step sequencing engine that lets you compose your own filter grooves and lock any parameter to your project tempo. Ambius 2 is all of that and far more.

One of the driving forces behind the development of our second atmospheric synth collection was the desire for a fresh sound based on real organic recordings that was both super flexible for those of us who like to knob tweak and yet still easy to dive into for those who want it to sound great right out of the box with minimal fuss. It allows you to blur the line between lead and ambient textures. You can easily morph between tight, tuned percussive and smooth, dreamy pads. Using only organic source recordings as our raw elements, we've created a deep pool of content to choose from and shape, with a wide palette of sonic flavors ranging from fat lo-fi leads to crisp, complex hi-fi soundscapes.

The foundation of Ambius 2 is our Instrument Designer system, which allows you to combine a range of tuned percussive attack samples with a broad variety of richly detailed sustaining pads and leads. Each layer is equipped with independent core parameter control and can be swapped out on the fly so your instruments can evolve with the music. We then take it a step farther with the Layer Builders, powered by 6 independent hand-picked layers that absolutely blow the creative possibility wide open, with independent dynamic, envelope, tuning and shaping controls. Each instrument is driven by our unique 32-step-sequencing rhythm-based Dual-LFO System with selectable filter modes and the ability to synch any parameter's automation to your host tempo. Our custom convolution loading, mighty Uberpeggiator and full EQ controls complete the package and give you total control over your total sound. 

Ambius 2 Systematic includes 1672 sounds and clocks in at nearly 5GB, but its freely mixable instrument design and shaping controls give you nearly infinite sonic possibility with just the twist of a few knobs. 

Pricing and Availability:

Ambius 2 Systematic is priced at $129, but it's available now at a special Christmas intro price of only $99 through Dec. 21st.

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