MPC Drum Kit Fully Optimized For Live Finger Drumming releases The Dirty Drummer MPC Finger Drumming Kit      07/12/12

Buying Choices has released a true first for MPC owners. They tell us that the The Dirty Drummer MPC Finger Drumming Kit is unique, multisampled MPC drum kit fully optimized for live finger drumming and capable of creating incredibly realistic, vintage-sounding drum performances.

A spokesperson told Sonic State, "Thanks to its unique layout and use of built-in MPC program parameters, the kit is able to play multiple timbres of each instrument with 'FULL LEVEL' both on or off. With the kit loaded, you have access to six different timbres for each instrument (three velocity switched timbres per pad), plus there's additional timbres for all instruments available in the 'Extras' folder.

Ghost notes and snare rolls are incredibly easy to perform, with dedicated 'soft' hit pads allowing for very authentic three-pad snare rolls. Also included are velocity sensitive attack/tuning/level settings to further enhance the dynamics available on each pad.

The drum sounds themselves are chopped, tweaked and carefully processed from live drumming performances by the modern master of the live vintage drum sound, Timmy Rickard. Thick, warm and dope with a huge bottom end. In total there are 80 multisampled sounds covering all the drums needed for a classic vintage sounding drum kit – kicks, open and closed hats, snares, rim shots, and ride & crash cymbals.

The kit has been specifically optimised for a number of different MPC models to take full advantage of the different program parameters available, and is fully compatible with the MPC Renaissance/MPC Software, MPC1000, MPC500, MPC2500, MPC5000, MPC2000XL, MPC2000, MPC3000 and all versions of JJOS, with a special '12 pad' version for MPC500 users which takes into account its unique 3-column layout.

Finally there's also a twelve page set up book included that explains the technical set up of the kit in more detail, including a guide on how to configure the pads for your ideal playback sensitivity and handy tips on achieving the most realistic drumming performances."

Technical Specifications
•    Samples: Finger drumming optimized MPC kit, with 80 different timbres of the following drum instruments – kick drum, 2 different snares (plus rim shots for each), 2 different hats (closed and open for each), and crash & ride cymbals
•    Format: Contains SND and WAV versions of all sounds (16 bit) + PGM files
•    Compatibility: Works with all MPCs except MPC4000. Fully compatible with Akai OS and all JJOS.
•    Publisher/Sound Design:  Monosole Music/100 Akres/ MPC-Tutor
•    Download Size: 10.5MB

Pricing and Availability:

'The Dirty Drummer MPC Finger Drumming Kit' is is available exclusively from for a special launch price of $8.99 and is available to download immediately after purchase.

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