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US Zynaptiq's PITCHMAP is capable of polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mapping in real-time      27/01/12

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has released PITCHMAP, which they tell us is the world's first and only audio plug-in capable of polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mapping in real-time. They say that PITCHMAP allows real-time correction of pitch inaccuracies within mixed signals, as well as completely altering the tonality, chords, harmonies or melodies of a musical signal on- the-fly, a process that they call Pitch Mapping. PITCHMAP does this using Zynaptiq's proprietary, artificial intelligence based MAP technology (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) to de-mix an incoming signal - like, for example, a full mix - into individual elements, and then allows the user to arbitrarily or automatically correct and modify their pitches. Additionally, the company says that PITCHMAP provides means to deliberately induce processing "errors" to make results sound synthetic in a very futuristic and unique way. Zynaptiq CEO Denis H. Goekdag told Sonic State, "Our DSP Developer Stephan M. Bernsee has come up with what we believe to be a real game-changer. PITCHMAP lets you reach into a recording and change the pitch-related aspects of the composition on-the-fly. You can change an entire song from minor to major with just a couple of clicks, simultaneously correcting any tuning issues and changing the key. While there are other pitch processing solutions available, PITCHMAP combines polyphonic capability, a real-time workflow and an exceptional processing quality based on techniques that model the human auditory system, thus opening up a whole new level of creativity."
PITCHMAP provides all of the following functionality in real-time:
  • Automatic correction of pitch inaccuracies in polyphonic/mixed signals
  • Pitch Mapping: Change harmonies and melodies on the fly
  • Pitch Mapping via GUI-created source/destination maps or real-time MIDI-input
  • Macro controls for near-instant creation of harmony- and key-changes
  • Snapshot functionality for fast workflow and easy automation
  • Perceptive modeling based Natural mode for voice-adapted processing
  • Continuously variable Electrify parameter for making results sound synthetic in an exciting and unique way
PITCHMAP will initially be released as Mac AU (AudioUnits) Plug-In, with VST and AAX support for both Mac and Windows platforms planned for later in 2012. Pricing and Availability:
PITCHMAP is priced at USD/EUR 399. A limited-time introductory price of USD/EUR 269 is available until April 1st, 2012 (prices inclusive of VAT or sales tax if applicable). More information:

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