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WIN: Zynaptiq Bundles & Plugins worth $3,800+
Your chance to get EVERY Zynaptiq plugin

08-Jul-24    full story...

Zynaptiq Updates MORPH
MORPH 3 & MORPH 3 PRO are now available

26-Apr-24    full story...

Zynaptiq Releases Creative Processing Plug-Ins

26-Oct-23    full story...

  Superbooth 2023: Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder
We know, but its worth another look

18-May-23    full story...

Zynaptiq Releases ORANGE VOCODER IV
The zynaptified edition of the Prosoniq vocoder plug-in

02-May-23    full story...

  NAMM 2023: Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder - Finally!
Long awaited plug-in now here

18-Apr-23    full story...

Zynaptiq Releases Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0
Bundle includes the new TRIUMPH 3 multi-channel editor

12-Aug-22    full story...

  NAMM 22: Zynaptiq Triumph V3 - Advanced Sample Editor
Vocoding, timestretch and loads more

05-Jun-22    full story...

Zynaptiq UNFILTER Updated
Version 1.3 of the adaptive smart EQ is available

23-May-19    full story...

Zynaptiq Zaps Annoying World Cup Horns
Free World Cup 2018 Horn Suppressor plug-in suppresses the droning

04-Jul-18    full story...

DEAL: Zynaptiq INTENSITY 60% Off Till End of July
Deal extended

29-Jun-18    full story...

INTENSITY - A New Kind Of Audio Processor
Zynaptiq's latest is built on techniques typically found in facial recognition algorithms

20-Jun-18    full story...

Free Reverb From Zynaptiq
Sign up to their newsletter - get SUBSPACE plug-in for free

29-May-18    full story...

Four New Zynaptiq Bundles
Zynaptiq releases ZAP II, DESIGN, REMIX and REPAIR Bundles

04-Apr-17    full story...

WORMHOLE - An Otherworldly Multi-FX Processor
Zynaptiq's plug-in combines pitch/frequency shifting, spectral warping, reverbs, and dry/wet morphing

04-Apr-17    full story...

Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb
zynaptiq says ADAPTIVERB represents the first new approach to generating reverb in decades

15-Aug-16    full story...

MESSE 2016: New Zynaptiq Plug-Ins
ADAPTIVERB and WORMHOLE offer reflectionsless reverb and otherworldy sounds

07-Apr-16    full story...

Boost Or Attenuate Drums In Mixed Music
Zynaptiq Releases UNMIX::DRUMS, a source separation-based plug-in

27-Oct-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Zynaptiq Morph 2 - Wow
Not just voices, but two separate mixes

19-Apr-15    full story...

Suppress Or Boost Drums In Mixed Music
Zynaptiq to preview UNMIX::DRUMS plug-in at Musikmesse

14-Apr-15    full story...

Zynaptiq Releases MORPH 2.0
Real-time structural audio morphing plug-in gets new algorithms

16-Mar-15    full story...

Zynaptiq Releases ZAP Bundle

26-Aug-14    full story...

No More Chirps
Zynaptiq releases UNCHIRP Codec Artifact Removal & Transient Retrieval plug-in

26-Aug-14    full story...

Zynaptiq Acquires The DSP Dimension And Surround

12-Feb-14    full story...

Zynaptiq Updates PITCHMAP
Version 1.5 adds cross-platform support

15-Nov-13    full story...

Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization Processor
Zynaptiq releases UNFILTER

12-Jun-13    full story...

MESSE13: Zynaptiq Announces Two New Plug-Ins
UNCHIRP and UNFILTER make their debut at the show

09-Apr-13    full story...

UNVEIL Update Unveiled
Zynaptiq's de-reverberation plug-in gets VST, RTAS and AAX Support on MacOS X and Windows

25-Oct-12    full story...

AU Plug-Ins Updated
Zynaptiq updates UNVEIL and PITCHMAP

18-Jun-12    full story...

News For Prosoniq Users
Zynaptiq acquires IP of discontinued products and dormant technologies from Prosoniq

04-Apr-12    full story...

MESSE12: Plug-In Removes Reverb
Zynaptiq UNVEIL offers real-time de-reverberation and signal focusing

21-Mar-12    full story...

Polyphonic Pitch-Correction Plug-In
Zynaptiq's PITCHMAP is capable of polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mapping in real-time

27-Jan-12    full story...

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