Expansion Pack For HALion And HALion Sonic

Steinberg releases Triebwerk VST Sound Instrument Set      11/11/11

Expansion Pack For HALion And HALion Sonic

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Steinberg has released its latest VST Sound Instrument Set. The company says that Triebwerk is a sound expansion pack for HALion 4, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE, boasting more than 400 presets, created for pop, house and everything in between by renowned sound designers and industry professionals.
Matthias Quellmann, product marketing manager at Steinberg, told Sonic State, "Users of current HALion versions looking to expand their sound libraries with fresh dance sounds will simply love this one. Great-sounding drum kits, flexphrased arpeggios, vocals, synth pads and effects -- Triebwerk has it all."
Triebwerk comprises 430 presets including synth, bass, pads, FlexPhrases and drum sounds, providing over 700 MB of sample content and perfectly tailored to music productions of pop, electro, house and dance music. All told, Triebwerk offers seven drum kits, additional percussion kits, more than 200 new synthesizer sounds, 240 brand-new HALion FlexPhrases and over 170 beats and loops. On the aesthetic side, Triebwerk's macro page turns HALion into an instrument parading a new look, with immediate access to major parameters.
Features at a glance
  • 430 presets for pop, electro, house and dance music including more than 700 MB of new sample content
  • 7 new drum kits and additional percussion kits, over 200 new synthesizer sounds, 240 new FlexPhrases and over 170 beats and loops
  • Attractive HALion Macro Page for instant access to all major parameters
  • Windows and Mac installer included
Pricing and Availability:
The Triebwerk VST Sound Instrument Set is exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop.
Triebwerk is available for EUR 49.99, including German VAT, and GBP 42.34, including British VAT. More information:


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