Beats From The Bomb Squad

Loopmasters Intros Hank Shocklee Sample Library      22/05/11

Beats From The Bomb Squad

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Loopmasters has joined up with Hank Shocklee of the Public Enemy Bomb Squad and announced a new Artist Series sample library

BOMB SQUAD: Tactical Beats And Sample Artillery will contain an array of over 800MB of original Bomb Squad audio samples, sound designed and engineered by Shocklee for Loopmasters - hits, loops, beats, bass and the trademark noise Shocklee is well famous for.

Here's what Loopmasters has to say about Shocklee's sample library:

Shocklee's name became synonymous with sampling shortly after creating the Bomb Squad style. We all know that sampling in music is now a part of the mainstream culture and Hank Shocklee, is responsible for bringing the art of sampling to the forefront  by creating techniques such as filtering, multiband micro-loop sampling, introducing the use of sine waves to create kick drums and bass lines, truncating and mapping samples on keyboards and drum machines, and using tuning to create warping. While these may be familiar concepts now, he was doing  all this  in the late 80's–early 90's! A true visionary.

With Shocklee's creation of the group Public Enemy and his Bomb Squad production unit these techniques were introduced to the world stage via his landmark albums with Public Enemy such as "It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" and "Fear Of A Black Planet".

In our current digital landscape, Shocklee has expanded his reach and grown into a film composer, media company and champion of electronic music worldwide. Always seeking newand innovative ways to transform the audio arts, Shocklee is gearing up for a new series of releases. The first via Loopmasters will be released on 24th June, 2011.

"I'm always in the studio experimenting with sound and wanted to put out a project for the music producers and music production fans," says Shocklee. "All the samples in this pack were created by synthesis design and effects automation to create a more natural and organic sound with the use of analog effects recording techniques in a digital environment."


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