Is It Time To Kiss Record Stores Goodbye?

The Telegraph Says 'Download Some MP3s      15/04/11

Is It Time To Kiss Record Stores Goodbye?

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UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph has an unusual recommendation for celebrating Record Store Day, the international celebration of indie music stores around the world, being held Sat, April 16th. 

Instead of visiting your local Record Store, the Telegraph recommends that you "download some MP3s". 

Telegraph writer Ian Douglas writes, "I won’t be going anywhere near a record shop tomorrow, despite it being international Record Store Day. Nor, I suspect, will you, and there are excellent reasons for that."

"I might well buy some music tomorrow but it’ll be infinitely easier than it used to be. We’re better off without record shops. Let’s move on," he adds. 

While The Telegraph seems to be ready to be rid of indie record shops, some of us still enjoy the pleasures of crate-digging. If you'd like to celebrate Record Store Day the old-school way, check out the links below. 


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