The Worlds Most Relaxing Music

US Don't listen while operating heavy machinery      23/04/24

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology fame has lots of short videos on many aspects of life, and this one is a litttle different - offering one hour of what he calls the worlds most relaxing music. Using voice recording: from Sarah Angliss and Colin Uttley, is a deep and relaxing journey of floaty ambient music. It's based on the following research by Elliott, D., Polman, R., & McGregor, R. (2011). in Relaxing Music for Anxiety Control Journal of Music Therapy, 48(3), 264-288:

The purpose of this investigation was to determine the characteristics of relaxing music for anxiety control. Undergraduate students (N=84) were instructed to imagine themselves in an anxiety producing situation while listening to a selection of 30 music compositions. For each composition, level of relaxation, the factors that either enhanced or detracted from its relaxing potential and the emotional labels attached were assessed. Participants were also asked to state which music components (e.g., tempo, melody) were most conducive to relaxation. Additional information was obtained through the use of a focus group of 6 undergraduate music students. This paper presents details on the characteristics of relaxing-music for anxiety control and emotional labels attached to the relaxing compositions. Furthermore, an importance value has been attached to each of the music components under scrutiny, thus providing an indication of which music components should receive greatest attention when selecting music for anxiety control.

Sarah Angliss

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