StepPolyArp iPad Updated WIth MIDI Support

Adds CoreMIDI Via Hardware, WiFi      10/03/11

StepPolyArp iPad Updated WIth MIDI Support

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Developer Laurent Colson has released an update to StepPolyArp, a MIDI step polyphonic arpeggiator for the iPad.

The arpeggiator does not play any sound itself, it transmits MIDI notes to a Mac or a PC to be used in combination with any sequencer, virtual instrument (VSTi, Audio Unit) or Midi synthesizer.

New in the update:

  • Core Midi compatibility
  • Midi over wifi network support
  • Midi over wifi latency compensation
  • Apple USB camera connection kit support
  • Plug & play Midi routing
  • External Midi sync (Midi Clock)
  • Receiving Midi notes from external devices
  • Direct transposition by moving finger on values
  • Random mode arpeggiator
  • Movable popovers
  • Bugs fixed


  • 32 steps programmable matrix
  • 11 configurable transposition lines
  • Features copy and paste
  • 8 octaves virtual keyboard
  • Receiving MIDI notes from external devices
  • External Midi sync (Midi Clock)
  • Midi over wifi latency compensation
  • Internal routing of inputs, outputs and Midi sync
  • Velocity, modulation, pan, volume, aftertouch and pitch bend step controller
  • The arpeggiator and keyboard fit the selected scale
  • 6 arpeggiator modes
  • 1 random mode
  • 1 chord mode
  • Unlimited number of saves
  • Random patterns creation
  • Presets manager
  • Presets shared between computer and iPad using iTunes 9.1 or later
  • 128 Undo/Redo levels
  • Lockable keyboard (latch mode)

Supported Midi connections:

  • Midi Wifi Network (RTP Midi)
  • Apple USB camera connection kit
  • Any Core Midi compatible interface
  • Line 6 Midi Mobilizer
  • DSMidiWifi

Pricing and Availability

StepPolyArp is available now for US $11.99. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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