WNAMM11: IK Multimedia Announces New Partnerships

US Major guitar & bass amplifier and effects manufacturers sign up for forthcoming Amplitube version      14/01/11

WNAMM11: IK Multimedia Announces New Partnerships

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IK Multimedia has announced the formation of strategic partnerships with many of the music industry's top leading guitar and bass amplifier and effects manufacturers. The formation of these alliances coincides with the upcoming release of a new AmpliTube application for Mac/PC digital recording workstations and iPhone/iPad. Here's all the details from the IK press release...
Companies currently participating in the new application project include
  • Fender
  • Ampeg
  • Orange
  • Soldano
  • Seymour Duncan
  • Gallien-Krueger
  • Jet City Amplification
  • THD
  • T-Rex
"IK Multimedia has been the software modeling developer of choice for legendary guitar and bass amp manufacturers Fender™ and Ampeg®. With 15 years of modeling development experience, our proprietary technologies produce the most accurate sonic and operational representation of the hardware components, allowing us to become the first choice partner for development," says IK Multimedia CEO Enrico Iori. "We are so pleased to have strong relationships with such a diverse group of creative companies, and are proud of our entire team of dedicated professionals who put in countless hours ensuring the success of our products. Our technology and new delivery method in the forthcoming version of AmpliTube will allow manufacturers to immediately offer an ultra-realistic 'sample' of their products, providing a rich immersive user experience for amplifiers and stompboxes. In essence, our technology provides the ultimate environment for virtual gear -- giving users the opportunity to try the product in their own environment free from distraction, thoroughly evaluate the sound and operation of the hardware, and thus incorporate the gear into their live rigs."
"An electric guitar is nothing without amp tone, and Fender amplifiers are the standard by which great amp tones are measured. We're confident that the thrill of plugging into a great tube amp will never die, but we are proud to give digital enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and utilize many of the best Fender tones, old and new, with the convenience of Mac/PC recording or the mobility with their iPhone, iPad or iPod. Unlike other guitar modeling software, IK Multimedia developed the realistic sounds of the Fender™ gear modeled in AmpliTube with the master tone-team at Fender Musical Instruments. From the legendary Tweed Deluxe™ to the modern high-gain Super-Sonic™, this is the real-deal palette of tones you need to make great music in the digital domain."
says Shane Nicholas, Senior Marketing Manager for Guitar Amps at Fender.
"For 60 years, Ampeg has been and continues to be the standard in bass amplification. We, at Loud Technologies, are excited about this opportunity to continue working alongside IK Multimedia to offer the Ampeg tone to musicians in a software format," says John Boudreau, Vice President of Music Gear Group at LOUD Technologies.
"Our tube amplifiers are best known worldwide for their distinct overdriven sound and razor sharp tonal accuracy. We are proud to have set this industry benchmark, and therefore we would only partner with IK Multimedia if we were certain that together we could recreate that special sound quality that musicians have come to know and love from Soldano," says Michael Soldano, Founder of Soldano.
" After 40 years of making superb amplifiers, we are confident and excited to bring the dynamic brand of Orange amps into software platforms with IK Multimedia," says Damon Waller, Managing Director of Orange Music Electronic Company.
"For 35 years, Seymour Duncan has been making quality guitar and bass products, and we are delighted to be working with IK Multimedia to introduce our brand to the computer musician," says Evan Skopp, VP Business Development & Artist Relations of Seymour Duncan.
"Gallien-Krueger's legacy is legendary bass amplification, and we are excited to be working with IK Multimedia's technology to further the brand of our product line for the future of musicians," says Bob Gallien, President and CEO of Gallien-Krueger.
"As today's musicians increasingly turn toward technology, this newly formed partnership between Jet City Amplification and IK Multimedia is an exciting opportunity to bring our classic tube tones to digital recording enthusiasts," says Doug White, Marketing and Product Development Manager of Jet City Amplification.
"THD Electronics is known for excellence in audio products and tube amplification, and in our experience it makes sense to work with a leader in software like IK Multimedia to spread our brands of amps and effects for guitar and bass musicians," says Ed DeGenaro, Vice President of THD Electronics.
"T-Rex Effects are known for offering a brilliantly simple user interface, and delivering astonishing sound, and we are excited to be working together with IK Multimedia to expand our customer reach into software and continue offering musicians easy-to-use, and excellent sounding audio products," says Steen Meldgaard, Manager of T-Rex Effects.
Pricing and Availability:
The upcoming version of AmpliTube, including ultra-accurate gear modeled on these valued partners amplifiers and effects, will be announced soon. This new version will also offer a brand new way to try and buy the included gear models together with a new distribution and pricing model that has no precedent in the software and plug-in industry.
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