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Bitley introduces the Wavelight series featuring Fairlight sounds in AIFF and WAV formats      29/11/10

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Bitley has released Wavelight , a series of pure Fairlight disks sampled in 44,1 khz / 16 bit fidelity. Here's what they have to say...
These are the same samples used in our refill 'Bitley Supersonic / Fairlight CMI Legacy II'.
Please note: The original Fairlight sounds were 8 bit samples. Therefore, 16 bits is fully sufficient to completely copy the Fairlight IIx sound for any sound source, be it an old hardware sampler or any music software application. Every effort has been made to maintain the purity of the Fairlight tone yet keeping noise level to a minimum. All sounds are normalized.
Loop points have not been set in the wave files, for your own maximum flexibility with the sounds, however, the sounds have 9 times out of 10 been looped -- the Fairlight certainly didn't have a generous sampling time, so looping is basically a part of its sound & character.
All sounds comes in both AIFF and WAV formats.
This disk contains no multi samples. All samples are recorded at middle C, for being easily laid out on any sampling instrument.
  • AccBass (used by The Art Of Noise), ArrBass, BassOrg,
  • BassPop (used by The Art Of Noise), BowedBass, BowedBass2, DoubleBass,
  • EleBass (used by Scritti Politti), EleBass2, EleBass3,
  • Plastick, Slapbaz, SynBass1 -- 11
  • TramBass1 (used by Keith Emerson), TramBass2, TramBass3, TramBass4, Zow
This disk contains no multi samples. All samples are recorded at middle C, for being easily laid out on any sampling instrument.
  • BellPian, Bowl1, Bowl2, ChimBw1, ChimBw2, Chimes1, Chimes2, Chimes3,
  • Cow1, Cow2, Gamelan, GenderBell, Glocken, Holstein, JingleBellz,
  • MusicBox, Nipple, Nopple (used by Yaz / Yazoo / Vince Clarke), NuBell
  • SleighBellz (used by Tears For Fears)
Two Wavelight packs in one this time; it's time for the nasty, glorious, loopy brass sounds, recently used by Madonna among others. No multisamples here either. All samples are recorded at middle C, for being easily laid out on any sampling instrument.
  • Brass Ens 1, Brass Ens 2, Bright Tone, Chorus Brass, Clarinet Hi1, Clarinet Lo 1, Clarinet Lo 2, Clarinet Lo 3, CMI Baryton Sax, CMI Bassoon, CMI Horn Ensemble, CMI Matrix Bass, CMI Matrix Bass 2, CMI Old Horn, CMI Sine Horn, CMI Solo Trumpet 1 -- 2, Elephant Warning, Mid Trombones 1 -- 2, Mid Trumpets 1 -- 2, Sax 1 -- 5, Sax Section 1 -- 5, Short Trumpet 1 -- 2, Slow Trumpet, Soprano Sax, TenorSax, Trumpet Fall, Trumpet Tone 1 -- 2.Famous users of these brass sounds: Madonna, Howard Jones, Art Of Noise, Yello, Pet Shop Boys and more.
Another set of two packs in one, here's one of those sample packs that just knocks one's feet away. Coming with 115 individual drum sounds (in each of the AIFF and WAV format folders of course), here's drum sounds you have heard in use with Art Of Noise, Yazoo, Pet Shop Boys and many others. Featuring 14 Fairlight BDs alone, rest assured you are going to get a lot of variation. The sounds are actually highly usable in a production of today. Truth to be told, you will absolutely get amazed by these sounds if you have a love for the 80s. Nuf said.
Pricing and Availability:
Wavelight 1 and 2 : $7 USD each
Wavelight 3 and 4 : $14 USD each
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