Muse Research Announces Ivory II For RECEPTOR 2

Hardware plug-in players are now compatible with Synthogy's new acoustic piano virtual instrument      08/11/10

Muse Research Announces Ivory II For RECEPTOR 2

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Muse Research and Development have announced that their RECEPTOR 2 family of hardware plug-in players are now compatible with Synthogy's new Ivory II acoustic piano virtual instrument. Here's their press release with all the details...
Ivory II, which offers significant advancements over the already impressive Ivory it supersedes, can be installed on any RECEPTOR 2 by downloading the installer helper file from the company's website. The installer is available now free of charge to registered RECEPTOR 2 users.
RECEPTOR 2 + IVORY 2 means 2 + 2 = 5
Synthogy's Ivory II Grand Piano virtual instrument features a greatly expanded Sound Library with 77GB of samples covering the Bosendorfer 290, Steinway Concert D, and Yamaha C7 pianos. Ivory II also adds a host of new features for more expressive detail than ever such as Sympathetic String Resonance, Sustain Resonance DSP for realistic damper response, and 18 sample layers of each and every note on the pianos, including the extended low octave of the Bosendorfer. All these and more make Ivory what is arguably the preeminent sampled piano collection on the market.
What better way to run this astounding virtual instrument than on the consummate virtual instrument platform on the market: RECEPTOR 2. RECEPTOR 2 is legendary among top name performers such as Herbie Hancock, U2, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and many others. Why? Because RECEPTOR 2 runs virtual instruments and effects with unmatched performance, providing super-low latency with super-high stability. Winner of multiple Key Buy awards from Keyboard magazine as well as other Editors choice awards, the RECEPTOR 2 provides outstanding real-time performance coupled with pristine audio outputs to deliver all the capabilities of Ivory II. Housed in a robust and compact 2-rack space package that is road-proven on world tours, in Broadway shows, on prime-time television, and in educational institutions, the combination of RECEPTOR 2 plus Ivory II equals more than the sum of the parts!
Why all the fuss about sampled pianos?
Why are people so excited about world-class piano samples running on dedicated hardware? The reasons are many, but the primary reason is that RECEPTOR 2 and Ivory II deliver truly realistic acoustic piano sounds without the downside of touring with a piano. There's no need for constant tuning and retuning, there's no worry about damage to an expensive instrument accompanied by hefty moving costs, but more importantly, your live shows sound better because there's no microphone bleed from drums and bass, making the FOH mixer's job easier and enhancing the standard of performance for everyone involved.
Award-winning sound designer and Synthogy co-founder, Joe Ierardi comments, "We've seen Ivory run on the Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 with some pretty exceptional performance. RECEPTOR is an impressive piece of musical hardware, and a great way to run Ivory live or in the studio."
"We're extremely pleased to be able to run Ivory II on RECEPTOR 2,"
comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research and Development. "This is truly an ideal matching up of technologies that deliver superb results to players as well as the audience. We're in awe of how well Ivory II creates the feel and sonority of a great acoustic piano, and we're very proud that RECEPTOR 2 lets their software run in its best possible environment."
Pricing and Availability:
Owners of Ivory II can install the plug-in on RECEPTOR 2 by simply downloading the installer helper file available for free on Users must own the retail version of Ivory II in order to install the Ivory II samples onto RECEPTOR 2.
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