SoundCloud Introduces Full Creative Commons Integration

Musicians can now share, remix, and reuse each-other's audio      31/08/10

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SoundCloud is the world's fastest growing online audio service. In the past it has allowed musicians to upload their music for other users as a waveform, to which comments can be added at specific parts of the song.

Unlike other online platforms, SoundCloud is used predominantly by musicians, who are keen to receive feedback from similar artists. This platform has seemingly lent itself well to electronic music, and now electronic musicians will find an invaluable resource on SoundCloud - Creative Commons.

In brief, Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation, set-up to help artists share and collaborate without infringing the rules of copyright. It's integration into SoundCloud means that members of the site can now visit the Creative Commons section by following this link

Once musicians arrive at the page they will find user-uploaded content which is free (both financially and of any copyright ties). SoundCloud's tagging system will mean that Dubstep artists can search Creative Commons for "Dubstep Drum Loops" and will find an array of relevant and genre-specific results.

There are benefits not only for the musicians who may use the CC samples, but also for those who upload them for others to use. By uploading your sample through Creative Commons, it is licensed and credited to you as an artist. Although you may not receive financial reward for this, it will provide valuable exposure.

The implications of this move are open to speculation. It will certainly make it easier for musicians to create and expose music to others. In reality it means that anybody with production software such as Logic or Pro Tools will be able to create music simply by downloading and meshing together samples from the Creative Commons source on SoundCloud.

However, it was sampling that created a wave of new music in the late 80s, most notably Hip-Hop. There will always be those who will find creative and interesting ways to use this open source and create something new.

Live DJs will now have better access to individual audio files and samples of songs, meaning that live remixes of songs with software such as Ableton Live may become more popular. This way, going to see a DJ could be more like going to see a live rock show, with a camera focused onto the DJ's Laptop monitor and projected onto a screen for the audience to watch his real-time remix.

The SoundCloud CC source is now fully up and running, if you are a member of the site and have used Creative Commons, let us know what you think.

Rich Beech




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