Wanted: Your Dog's Voice, For A New Sound Library

Help Build World's First Crowd-Sourced Dog Bark Sample Collection      14/07/10

Wanted: Your Dog's Voice, For A New Sound Library

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Music of Sound is organizing a new project to create a 'crowd-sourced' sample library that focuses on the sounds of dogs barking - and they want your help. 

They are looking for 200 recordists to record 5 barks each, in order to create the ultimate free dog bark sound library. 

Here's the scoop:

The world of dogs is vast & complex – some of the weirdest vocalisations I have ever heard were from a very small dog! So please comment on this post if you wish to be a contributor.

As with the 1,000 doors aim (which we will easily meet) lets aim for 1,000 dogs so if each person records 5 dogs then we have a recordist limit of 200 contributors.

Specifications and a record list will be issued once we have 200 recordists onboard.

You can get the details and sign up at the Music of Sound site. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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