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Featuring The Sound Of A Knackered Korg Monosynth      08/07/10

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If you were between jobs and were stuck with a "knackered Korg monosynth", what would you do?

If you were Steve Bates, you'd create a new collection of free instruments for Kontact, the Sample78 collection. You can preview one of the instruments, Solid Bass, above. 

Other free instruments include:

  • Grain Pad - a fuzzy granular type instrument;
  • Robot Pad - Fuzzy bitcrushed wavetable goodness with a space invader;
  • Gongs - a gong instrument. based on some samples from KVR’s Genetic Junk; and 
  • Rainbow Pad, a lush pad based on samples from the Ensoniq VFX-SD and DSI TETR4.

Pricing and Availability

Sample78 instruments are available as free downloads for Kontakt, but donations are welcomed via the site.


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James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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