Soundplant Turns Your Computer Keyboard Into A Playable Instrument

Each Key Plays Back A Different Sound      26/05/10

Soundplant Turns Your Computer Keyboard Into A Playable Instrument

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Soundplant, a low-cost software sampler for Windows and Mac, has been updated to version 39, the first major update since 2004. 

Soundplant is optimized for the standard QWERTY keyboard, allowing the assignment of sound files of unlimited size to 72 keyboard keys. 

Version 39 adds user-requested features, including:


  • support for virtually all audio file formats 
  • a 'background key detection' mode that allows Soundplant to continue receiving key input even while minimized or hidden
  • waveform display
  • detailed playback progress indicators for all channels
  • precise fading control, and
  • randomization settings.

Soundplant 39 also marks the first official Mac release for the app. 


Pricing and Availability

Soundplant is offered as a free download. In unregistered mode, it is free for non-commercial use and limited to playing uncompressed 8- and 16-bit wav and aif files. The registered version (USD $35, or a $27 upgrade from previous versions) supports all sound file types, including higher bit depths and compressed formats. 




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