Wind Light Trees and Piano

Inspirational Sound Design From Diego Stocco      05/05/10

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This is the latest promotional video by sound designer and composer Diego Stocco, Wind Light Trees and Piano.

With this video, Stocco continues his series of music videos that explores creating music from unusual sources and found sound.

Here's what Stocco has to say about Wind Light Trees and Piano:

it was already a windy day, but around 5.30pm, when the sun started to come down, the wind became more intense. I heard the noise from inside the house, I jumped outside with my videocamera and portable recorder. It was beautiful, all those noises, dust and leaves moving around, and the sunlight hitting the trees. I recorded what was happening around, few notes from my dismantled piano and then immediately created this abstract piece. I hope you'll like it.

You can see Stocco's archive of these videos via the link below.


James Lewin
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