A New Standard In Monitor Pre-Amps?

Drawmer announce the HQ precision pre-amp / DAC      29/04/10

A New Standard In Monitor Pre-Amps?

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Drawmer have released some preliminary information on their HQ monitor pre-amp which they say sets a new standard in monitor pre-amps, by combining a state of the art DAC with superior analogue design and an ingenious control system. Here's Drawmer's words...
Are you hearing what we're hearing? How good is your Monitor Pre-amp?
The monitor pre-amp is one of the most important pieces of equipment for both audio professionals and Hi-Fi enthusiasts alike. It enables critical evaluation of the audio signals and is the final stage before the speakers, so it requires zero coloration, precise balance, low noise, wide bandwidth and a variety of input sources. Top of the range designs use relay attenuators with high accuracy resistors to achieve the best balance between channels.
The downside of this approach is the distraction of noisy 'chattering' relays which can be irritating but also reduces relay life. The Drawmer HQ incorporates an innovative solution to this problem, providing the feel and smoothness of a potentiometer but with the accuracy of relay attenuation. The Drawmer HQ sets a new standard in monitor Pre-amps, by combining a state of the art DAC with superior analogue design and an ingenious control system. So what you hear is what you get - precisely.
  • Precision relay volume control - accurate channel balance to 0.05dB
  • Innovative (SilentRelay) volume management (>100dB attenuation)
  • State of the art DAC (-100dB THD & Noise and -114dB DnR)
  • Ultra low crosstalk (>100dB @20Hz to 20kHz)
  • 4 analogue and 5 digital sources, with individual gain setting
  • Intelligent source select allows A-B comparisons
  • Digital inputs to 192kHz 24bit with jitter reduction
  • RIAA input for accurate replay of vinyl
  • Switching for three different speaker configurations: Speakers A, Speakers B or Speakers A+B
  • Remote operation and linking for multi-channel systems
  • Dual Headphone outputs
  • Normal output levels up to +18dBu balanced
  • Hot output levels up to +28dBu balanced
  • Internal Linear power supply with multi-stage regulation
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