MESSE10: New V-Studio

US Cakewalk announces V-Studio 20 recording solution for guitar players and singer songwriters      24/03/10

MESSE10: New V-Studio

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Cakewalk has announced the V-Studio 20 which they describe as a recording solution for guitar players and singer songwriters who want an easy way to get start making music with incredible tones. Here's all the details from the Cakewalk press release...
The ultimate creative companion for recording guitarists in one affordable package
  • Stereo USB Audio Interface (Mac/Win)
  • Onboard BOSS-powered COSM DSP effects for Guitar & Vocals (Mac/Win)
  • VS-20 Effects Editor (Mac/Win) and Guitar Tracks recording software (Win)
  • Control Surface (Mac/Win)
Simple recording solution for guitarists
The V-Studio 20 combines the simplicity of a portable hardware recording system with the power, flexibility, and control of modern computer-based recording. Whether at home or on the road, customers can easily connect a guitar or mic to the V-Studio 20 hardware and record to a computer with legendary BOSS tones.
V-Studio 20 Effects Editor
For the first time ever, genuine BOSS effects and COSM-modeled amplification are now available for direct recording and performance with a computer. The software-based V-Studio 20 Effects Editor provides guitarists with comprehensive control over an impressive offering of genuine BOSS, hardware-based COSM DSP effects and amplifier models. This seamless software/hardware combination gives guitarists unprecedented feel through latency-free performance.
VS-20 Effects Editor features:
  • 12 COSM modeled amps (classic tweed to rectifier)
  • 4 virtual pedal modules (compression, overdrive/distortion, chorus/mod, and delay) plus master reverb, and noise suppressor--access 36 genuine BOSS effects in all
  • Vocal processor module providing harmony and real-time pitch correction
  • Vocal processing can be combined with other virtual pedal effects for custom sounds
  • 50 custom presets optimized by BOSS for direct recording to a computer
  • Customers can also create and save their own presets
  • Built in BOSS Chromatic Tuner
  • Zero-latency direct monitoring for inspired feel and performance
  • Re-amping mode to apply BOSS effects, amp models, and vocal processing to pre-recorded tracks
  • Effects editor runs stand-alone for use with included Guitar Tracks or other DAWs
  • Support for BOSS Footswitches and Expression Pedals, available separately
Guitar Tracks
Guitar Tracks recording software is a powerful tool for recording, editing, mixing, finalizing, and sharing music. Guitar Tracks is designed for streamlined recording and incorporates essential product education and support with integrated tutorial videos and comprehensive online help.
Guitar Tracks highlights include:
  • Software matches the VS-20 hardware for no-nonsense ease-of-use
  • 32 audio tracks + MIDI backing track
  • Each track features 2-band EQ, Reverb and Echo Sends, plus the ability for additional FX inserts
  • Master FX section features 2-band EQ and stereo limiter for mastering
  • 11 classic audio effects and support for additional VST effects
  • 1 GB of audio loops and MIDI files for drag and drop backing tracks in many styles
  • Complete full song arrangements in styles ranging from classic blues to anthem rock
  • Integrated CD Burning and full MP3 encoding, WAV, and Windows Media file export
V-Studio 20 Hardware The compact V-Studio 20 hardware combines a USB audio interface, stereo microphones, and a basic universal DAW controller that supports all popular digital recording software for Mac/PC via Mackie control protocol.
VS-20 Hardware Features
  • Stereo USB 24 bit, 44.1 kHz Audio Interface
  • Genuine COSM DSP Chip providing zero-latency direct monitoring
  • Eight dedicated channels with volume and track select
  • Track bank controls
  • Full Transport Controls
  • One-touch access to the VS-20 Effects Editor
  • One-touch access to the chromatic tuner in the VS-20 Effects Editor
  • Controls for browsing presets in the VS-20 Effects Editor
  • Input selection and input sensitivity controls
  • Dedicated volume controls for DAW output, VS-20 Effects and Main Outs
  • XLR Mic Input with Phantom Power
  • Hi-Z Instrument Input
  • 1/4" Stereo Line Inputs
  • Built-in Stereo Microphone
  • 1/4" Headphone Output
  • Stereo RCA Line Out
  • Two independent 1/4" Footswitch and Expression Pedal jacks
  • ASIO, WDM, WASAPI, and Core Audio support
Third product in the next generation V-Studio line
V-Studio 20 is the third product in the next generation V-Studio line of Cakewalk-branded hardware and software solutions from Cakewalk and Roland, and the first joint product that combines the talents of Cakewalk and BOSS. Following the releases of the V-Studio 100 and flagship V-Studio 700, with the V-Studio 20, three great music technology leaders have combined the best in hardware and software engineering to address the varied needs of today's modern music producers and performing musicians.
Pricing and Availability:
The V-Studio 20 hardware drivers, VS-20 Effects Editor, and Guitar Tracks software is available for PCs and netbooks (XP, Vista, and Windows 7) in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. VS-20 Effects Editor and Control Surface online Help is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Guitar Tracks online help is available in EN/DE/FR; printed documentation is in English. Additional PDF documentation is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.
In addition, support is planned to allow the VS-20 hardware and Effects Editor to be used with popular Mac-based recording software titles. Hardware drivers and the VS-20 Effects Editor for Mac (Snow Leopard) will be available Q2, 2010 via download from
V-Studio 20 will be available through select music and sound retailers throughout the world beginning in May, 2010.
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