Cakewalk Lives - Gibson Sell To Bandlab

US Something good may come of this      23/02/18

Cakewalk Lives - Gibson Sell To Bandlab

You may have read about the Gibson financial difficulties, which will no doubt result in them attempting to raise funds by selling off some of their associated brands. You may also know that Cakewalk (owned by Gibson) recently ceased development, a bit of a shock after being one of the longer running DAWs. 

The good news is that Bandlab - "an easy to use social music platform" based around music creation apps for Android and iOS have taken on Cakewalk.

The official word:

Hello world.

SINGAPORE, FRIDAY 23 February 2018:

BandLab Technologies today announced the acquisition of certain assets and the complete set of intellectual property of Cakewalk Inc. from Gibson Brands.

BandLab go on to say, via this official statement that the deal only includes the transfer of Cakewalk Inc.'s assets and intellectual property - essentially the code base and any patents and technologies Cakewalk developed. 

Sadly this won't be of much immediate benefit to the team that worked on the products, but at least there's hope for the many users who still want to use their DAW of choice.

Cakewalk now lives at, more news will no doubt be forthcoming - hopefully the registration and validation process and servers will continue to be supported. Indeed Bandlab specifically mention:

We are pleased to be supporting Cakewalk’s passionate community of creators to ensure they have access to the best possible features and music products under the BandLab Technologies banner

Stay tuned. We suspect that we'll be hearing of a few more sell offs in the coming weeks as they also own Tascam, Teac, KRK and Cerwin-Vega among others.

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