Tannoy Reveals New Reveals

Tannoy announce new range of Reveal monitors      22/03/10

Tannoy Reveals New Reveals

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Here's the Tannoy press release in its entirety:
The iconic Reveal studio monitor is back and better than ever – Tannoy unveil two new models in a range that doesn't compromise on sound quality...
Building on an already world-class reputation, the all-new Tannoy Reveal series represents the latest evolution of Tannoy's monitor technology. The original Tannoy Reveal monitor blazed a trail for affordable, high-quality monitoring that saw it installed into thousands of music making set-ups across the globe.
Tannoy is building on this success with the announcement of an all-new Reveal range that represents the latest evolution of their active reference monitoring technology. The new Reveals have been custom designed and built from the ground up to ensure superb no-compromise monitoring.
The new range features two new monitors: the 501a and 601a*.(*601a also available as a 601p passive monitor – specifications below.) Whether you're building a studio on a budget or need an active monitor with a small footprint, the Reveal 501a and 601a offer the perfect solution. Built and finished to superior standards, the Reveals pack performance, accuracy and value into those sturdy, compact enclosures. Priced competitively with entry-level and compact recording setups in mind, the all-new Reveals deliver wide bandwidth performance that will impress even the most seasoned professionals. The 501a is an active monitor that offers the ideal monitoring solution for producers on a budget who refuse to compromise on sound quality. A perfectly matched 60W integrated amplifier ensures maximum efficiency from the 5" LF/MF driver and 1" soft dome tweeter, while the 501a's response has been optimised for nearfield operation.
The 601a, meanwhile, delivers pristine sound through its larger 6.5" LF/MF driver and 1" soft dome tweeter. With a total power output of 90W, this compact speaker with extended lower frequency response is the ideal solution for home, project and pro studio set-ups alike.
New Tannoy Reveal range – main features:
  • Response optimised for quarter-space near-field operation
  • Front firing reflex bass port to negate boundary-coupling
  • Bass unit developed to minimise offsets and linearise the suspension components
  • Wideband tweeter design extending the amplitude response beyond 20kHz audibility to 30kHz to improve the phase response from within the audible band
  • Sculpted and rigid front baffle design to minimise diffraction
  • + 1.5 / 0 / -1.5dB HF trim switch for custom room adjustment
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced jack connectors
501a Features:
  • Integrated 60W total power amp unit
  • 5" (130mm) LF/MF driver and 1" (25mm) soft dome tweeter delivering wide frequency response of 64Hz – 30kHz
  • LED indicator shows power status
  • Rear-mounted volume control for convenient home studio and laptop/desktop use
601a Features:
  • Integrated 90W total power amp unit
  • 6.5" (165mm) LF/MF driver and 1" (25mm) soft dome tweeter delivering wide frequency response of 60Hz-30kHz
  • LED indicator shows power status
  • Rear mounted volume control for convenient home studio and laptop/desktop use
601p Features:
  • Latest evolution of the original passive Reveal high definition reference monitor
  • 6.5" (165mm) LF/MF driver and 1" (25mm) soft dome tweeter delivering wide frequency response of 63Hz-30kHz
  • 50-100W RMS recommended amp power
Pricing and Availability:
501a: €145 ex VAT
601a: €235 ex VAT_601p: €115 ex VAT
Available: May 2010
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