Home Taping is Killing Music

ISP Fights UK Anti-Piracy Legislation With Music & Humor      16/03/10

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While new UK anti-piracy legislation appears to be rushing through Parliament, ISP's and free speech advocates are speaking out about a controversial provision in the bill.

The provision would let courts force ISP's to cut off Internet access to alleged file sharers and websites that host unlicensed music, such as YouTube.

TalkTalk, the UK’s largest Internet Service Provider, is fighting back, using humor and music.

They've teamed up with Dan Bull - the musician behind Dear Lily and Dear Mandy, to create Home Taping is Killing Music, a parody that compares today's anti-filesharing hysteria with the 80's home taping hysteria:

Home sewing’s killing fashion
Home cooking’s killing fast food
Home sleeping’s killing hotels
And peace time’s killing the arms trade

It's a bit cheesy - but then the 80's were, too.

You can find out more about TalkTalk's campaign at DontDisconnect.Us.



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