Cochleor Intros Harmony Improvisator

An Advanced Harmonic Composition Tool For Your DAW      05/12/09

Cochleor Intros Harmony Improvisator

Buying Choices

Cochleor has introduced Harmony Improvisator, a new tool they call "the most advanced harmonic composition tool on the market."


  • Perfect harmonic improvisation
  • Composing with the rules of classical harmonic theory - no professional knowledge required
  • Complex cadences suitable for all styles of music
  • Unique concept of harmonic pattern sequencing
  • Automatic calculation of exciting harmonic suggestions
  • Critical time advantage for creating harmonic frames of songs, soundtracks, and arrangements.

Pricing and Availability

Harmony Improvisator is available now as a PC and Mac (Intel) VST for 99 EUR (incl. 19% tax) or US $129.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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