New Site, Bandstand Busking, Offers Raw Indie Performances

Features Acoustic Performances In Outdoor Bandstands      06/11/09

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Bandstand Busking is a site that's dedicated to putting UK bandstands to use with live indie music.

The site features low-budget, but nicely produced, videos of indie artist performing like they would if they were busking - with minimal equipment, acoustic instruments and only the shelter of a bandstand. Along with the music videos, the site features short interviews with the musicians about their music.

The example above features The Barker Band performing Laurie's Gypsy Weave.

Here's what site organizers have to say about Bandstand Busking:

There are loads of bandstands in parks across London, and most of them are looking fairly tattered from lack of use. When did you last see/hear one surrounded by hordes excited by the sounds? ...well we hadn't so we decided to do what we could to change that, to fill the parks once more (at least for a wee while every couple of weeks) with some talented people capable of carrying a tune or two.


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James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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