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MHC add a new plug-in to their drum plug-in bundle      18/09/09

Common Kits

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MHC Synthesizers and Effects tell us that they have added a new plug-in, Common Kits, to their drum plug-in bundle. Here's what they have to say about it...
Our drum plugin bundle now includes Electronic Kits, Ambient Kits, Acoustic Kits, Attack Kits and Common Kits.
Common Kits includes three additional soundpacks. Thus, the bundle now includes five drum plugins and 15 additional soundpacks (3 each). The plugin bundle is available for $99 including the five plugins and the 15 soundpacks.
In addition: for a limited time, we supply a coupon code which gives you 50% discount on all our plugins, including the drum bundle (lowering the price to $49.50 for a short limited time). The coupon code is 246.
The plugins feature 12 drum pads, a search application, predefined drum kits which may be edited and a drum sample library.
The plugins include default soundpacks with hundreds of drum samples. The user can add more sounds by downloading 9 soundpacks which upgrade the plugins, giving the user more than 5000 presets to explore, more than 400 preprogrammed drum kits and thousands of drum samples to use.
The plugins have traditional synth sections, including a resonant filter, filter envelope, amp envelope, pitch modulation and an effect section. The effect section features 130 different effect modes, including a variety of filter banks, flanger, resonator, pitch shifter etc. Effects may be layered or crossfaded and they may be modulated by a multi shape LFO.
The 12 drum pads/sounds are velocity sensitive and velocity may control amp (volume) or filter cutoff. Velocity may be switched off entirely as well, for precise programming of drum levels.
The drum search application may be invoked from the plugins or it may be used as a stand alone application to maintain any drum sample collection on the user's hard disk. The drum search application is used to edit kits and to search for the right drum sounds.
The plugins are available as VST plugins for Windows and an Audio Unit (universal binary) for Mac OS X is planned, but no date has been set for the Mac release yet.
Pricing and Availability:
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