WNAMM09: Two New Pro Tools LE System Bundles

US 003 Factory Complete and 003 Rack Factory Complete offer expanded track count, 7.1 surround, and variety of plug-ins      16/01/09

WNAMM09: Two New Pro Tools LE System Bundles

On the heels of the release of Pro Tools 8, Digidesign is now offering two new Pro Tools LE system bundles: 003" Factory Complete and 003 Rack Factory Complete. Both bundles combine a Digidesign 003 hardware interface with the new Complete Production Toolkit - the powerful new expansion option for Pro Tools LE systems that combines a variety of plug-ins for both music and post production applications. The bundles offer up to nearly £300 GBP in savings from standalone purchases. Here's all the details directly from the Digidesign press release...
The Complete Production Toolkit, made available with the release of Pro Tools 8 last month, dramatically expands the creative and production power of Pro Tools LE 8 by adding full 7.1 surround mixing, and support for up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks to any Pro Tools LE 8 based system. This bundle includes Digidesign virtual instruments and professional plug-ins valued at over £1600 including: Eleven" LE classic guitar amp emulator, Structure® LE advanced sample player, Hybrid" 1.5 high-definition synthesizer, Smack!" LE compressor, DINR" LE noise reduction, TL Space" Native Edition convolution reverb, X-Form® time compression/expansion and pitch shifter, and Neyrinck SoundCode Stereo surround-to-stereo down mixer.
Additionally, the toolkit unlocks several powerful, professional processing tools in Pro Tools LE, including multi-track Beat Detective" rhythm analysis and correction tool, DigiBase" Pro file management, DigiTranslator" 2.0 for importing/exporting of OMF®, AAF, and MXF files, and much more.
Bundles are available combining the Complete Production Toolkit with the Digidesign 003 Factory or 003 Rack Factory. The 003 Factory is a portable, FireWire-based Pro Tools LE interface that offers extensive audio and MIDI I/O, along with hands-on control of Pro Tools via an integrated control surface. The 003 Rack Factory offers the same audio and MIDI I/O as the 003 Factory in a compact, 2U rack mountable package.
The 003 Factory Complete and 003 Rack Factory Complete are ideal for advanced home and project studio owners looking for a powerful Pro Tools LE system, as well as professionals looking for a second system for home or portable use.
Pricing and Availability:
Both bundles will be available for purchase in Q1 2009 from authorised Digidesign resellers for £2435 GBP (exc. VAT) and £1825 (exc. VAT) respectively.
The Complete Production Toolkit software option for Pro Tools LE systems can also be purchased stand alone for £1215 GBP (exc. VAT).
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