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New loop collections available      25/11/08

Loopmasters Latest

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Loopmasters have sent us this press release with details of their latest sample collections...
Award-winning breakbeat whiz Nick Thayer has put together this consummate selection of beats, breaks, and basslines for Loopmasters' Artist Series – perfect for producers looking for a funky direct injection of pedigree breaks and party samples tuned for the dancefloor!
Content: Over 350 samples, including 40 sub-crunching, resonant bass grooves; 75 heavy-duty breakbeak drum loops; 45 atmospheric and groove-based musical loops; 20 processed vocal loops and samples; searing SFX and 100-plus single drum sounds for programming custom drum patterns and breaks.
Tech Specs: 380MB collection, featuring 370 ACID Wav files; 130 Rex2 files; 30 ready-to-play patches for KONTAKT-, HALion-, ESX24-, NNXT-, and SFZ-compatible soft samplers. Reason ReFill patches and Ableton Live Pack presets are also available.
Price and availability: From £19.95 to £24.95 (depending on format)
Prolific artist/DJ Chris Cowie's genre-defying productions have been setting dancefloors alight for a decade, so now it's your turn with this exclusive sample collection packed with some of the best sounds and samples from his Aberdeen studio. Techno, trance, and hard-tech house music producers take note.
Content: 230 loops (50 bass loops and 60 drum loops with full and broken-down elements, including 32 percussion loops, 60 synth loops, and miscellaneous loops); 325 samples (90-plus single-hit sounds, FX, and bass sound); and 19 popular soft sampler patches.
Tech Specs: 325MB collection, featuring 326 ACID Wav files and 230 Rex2 files. Additional Reason ReFill Apple Loops versions are also available.
Price and availability: From £19.95 to £24.95 (depending on format)
If you like your soul food hot then Loopmasters' Delicious Allstars Funk Constructor collaborates with some of the industry's best groove pioneers to serve up sizzling funk and soul loops with a side platter of hot grooves to inspire next-generation soul and funk classics!
Content: Over 1,000 brand-new funk samples, including 115 live drum and percussion grooves, 45 drum hits, 42 funky bass loops, 38 rhythm and lead guitar lines, 100-plus authentic Rhodes, Clavinet, and Hammond Loops, 70-plus flute, brass section, sax, and trumpet loops, plus 60 vocal hits and loops from funk/soul legend Jocelyn Brown.
Tech Specs: Wav, ACID, Rex2, Reason ReFill, Ableton Live Pack, Apple Loops, HALion, KONTAKT, EXS, Stylus RMX, and NNXT formats.
Price and availability: £29.95 to £34.95 (depending on format)
4. DRUMDROPS IN DUB VOL. 2 PACK 1 (Drumdrops)
Horseman's hard-hitting beats have backed the best reggae artists around; here he delivers the first in a series remastered sessions, featuring two full drum loops recorded through vintage Neve consoles and authentic valve equipment as part of the original Drumloops In Dub Vol. 2 collection.
Content: 40 loops in various formats and 65 single drum hits (Loop Pack Version) and full multitrack drum recordings (Multitrack Version).
Tech Specs: 209MB collection (Loop Pack Version) featuring 65 and 69 bpm Apple Loops, ACID Wav loops, Rex2 loops, and single drum hits; 720MB collection (Multitrack Version) of 65 and 69 bpm drum tracks, tempo-mapped for Cubase, Logic, and Pro Tools formats.
Price and availability: £12.95 to £17.95 (depending on format)
5. ABSTRACTION 03 (Galbanum)
An eclectic, all-you-can-eat buffet of domestic 'found sounds,' purposefully polished, refined, and formatted into rhythmic loop enhancers, all designed to spice up your percussive pallet and inject freshness into your grooves, where any household sound -- from power drills to, literally, the kitchen sink -- is fair game as substitution for a drum machine!
Content: 1,792 cutting-edge 24-bit/44.1kHz sounds, divided into 768 loops plus 1,024 single-hit abstract electronic percussion samples.
Tech Specs: Loops available in Apple Loops, Acid Loops, or Rex2 formats (each being two measures long, with partial usable segments to give thousands of variations); single-hit samples are grouped into 32 instrument folders with MIDI note names to facilitate auto-key mappings for supported samplers.
Price and availability: £19.95 to £29.95 (depending on format)
6. TREMORS (Sonic Couture)
Tremors is a stunning new collection of dark, paranoid, funky, and downright unclassifiable drum loops that are sure to prove inspirational to film composers, DJs, electronica producers, and dub-heads alike. A veritable melting pot for breakbeat culture!
Content: 301 four-bar loops forming part of one of 63 grooves with each part available as a separate loop allowing users to break down a groove or mix and match different elements of different grooves to form new combinations.
Tech Specs: Fully processed into Rex2, ACID Wav, and Apple Loops files for full drag-and-drop compatibility with all major sequencing and sampling packages.
Price and availability: £44.95
7. MINIMAL GLITTER (Cluster Sound)
Minimal Glitter is a cute collection of solid glitch loops, micro breaks, fragmented voices, and pseudo-rhythms, all designed for minimalist music production.
Content: Includes 30 punchy minimal kick loops, 30 minimal snare loops, 30 minimal upbeat hi-hat loops, 30 hi-hat break loops, 25 minimal beat loops, 30 minimal glitch beat loops, 25 minimal glitch sound loops, 30 percussive loops, 25 filtered voice loops, and 30 tube sequenced loops; 308 synth and drum samples; and 55 synth and drum MIDI loops; and multi-format instruments.
Tech Specs: Reason ReFills include 80 NNXT and ReDrum instruments; Wave Pack includes 30 KONTAKT 2 instruments; Ableton Live Pack includes 310 simpler, impulse, and drum racks.
Price and availability: £15.95
Authentic rasta vocals exclusively recorded for Prime Loops by acclaimed Jamaican vocalist Danman (a.k.a. 'Sunny Voice'), this brand new collection of powerful vocal samples are perfect for giving a rich vocal edge to hype up your mix set.
Content: Contains 120 royalty-free, 24-bit samples, including a selection of upfront vocals, including full shouts, single phrases, adlibs, chorus, hits, and big hooks, plus a selection of urban dancefloor-designed processed vocal effects.
Tech Specs: Includes ready-to-play patches for KONTAKT, HALion, EXS24, NNXT, BATTERY, and SFZ. Also available in Ableton Live Pack, EmuX2, and Reason 4 ReFill formats.
Price and availability: £14.95
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