Lemmy Your Stack

US Marshall introduces limited edition Lemmy Kilmister signature 1992LEM Super Bass Head      04/08/08

Lemmy Your Stack

Marshall Amplification introduces the new Lemmy Kilmister Signature 1992LEM Super Bass Head and matching MF280L 4x12" and oversized 1979L 4x15" cabinets. The amplifier is Marshall's first Signature Series bass amp, and it will be available in extremely limited quantities in the U.S.
The 1992LEM is a faithful replica of Lemmy's favored model 1992 Super Bass Head from 1976, affectionately named "Murder One." Lemmy's original amp was in the studio and on the road for over 30 years, until Marshall presented him with 1992LEM prototypes for Motörhead's 2007-8 tour and Murder One went into a well-deserved retirement. The new 1992LEM captures the look, feel, sound and power of Murder One, as well as Lemmy and his legendary band Motörhead.
Lemmy has long been an ardent supporter of Marshall products and a personal friend of company founder Dr. Jim Marshall, OBE. He had this to say, "Marshall amps and speakers have stood behind me on every continent. I have never found anyone better to have at my back. If it has Marshall written on it, you can buy it without even a test drive - they're that good."
To ensure that the end product would be exacting in its tone and performance, every effort was taken to source components from their original suppliers and/or manufacturers. Internally, the 1992LEM's circuitry has been modified, effectively creating a hybrid amplifier by merging the characteristics of a stock 1992 Super Bass with elements of a Super Lead, arming the 1992LEM with incredible sonic depth and a wide tonal range. The changes to the circuitry allow the player to achieve a far brighter, tighter sound while the inherent grind and tone of a stock 1992 model can still be found in abundance. The power section is driven by four EL34 power valves that produce 100 Watts of crushing volume and tone. Additionally, it features two separate channels, three-band EQ and three ECC83 pre-amp valves.
Marshall say that the attention to detail that has been lavished on the 1992LEM's internals has also been applied to the unique styling and distinctive look of the amp itself. A specially made red protective corner has been added to the amplifiers to mimic that of their forerunner, while the Marshall script logo and brushed gold aluminum front panel are flanked by replicas of Murder One's iconic golden crests. To top it off, the 1992LEM also comes with a special owner's certificate, signed personally by both Dr. Jim Marshall and Lemmy himself, along with three of the Motörhead frontman's very own picks.
Lemmy concludes, "Marshall bass amplification has a reputation for being loud and proud. This amp is no exception - the sheer level of valve power on offer is quite thunderous."
Pricing and Availability:
The new Marshall Lemmy 1992LEM Super Bass Head, 1979L 4x15" cabinet and MF280L 4x12" cabinet are now available in extremely limited quantities with U.S. MSRP's as follows: 1992LEM Super Bass Head $4200.00
1979L 4x15" Cabinet $2400.00
MF280L 4x12" Cabinet $2100.00
More information:

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