Blender's Vince Clarke Interview

The Synth God Speaketh      02/07/08

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Blender magazine have published a full interview with Vince Clarke in an article they’ve called New Wave Electric Dreams.

Now living in Damariscotta with his publicist wife and child, Vince talks about his relationship with Alison Moyet and how they have rarely spoken since performing together in Yazoo (renamed Yaz in the U.S.). He also chats about how they avoided each other during recording and the awkward pauses on stage as the duo waited for Fairlight discs to load!

Blender compare Yaz to the current crop of electro bands like MGMT, Crystal Castles and Justice and describe Vince as a ‘Brit button pusher’ and ‘one of the most inspiring pop icons of the 80’s – too shy to talk to his own band’.

Read the full article at

The above video shows Vince dressed as a tennis player (??) in 1985. While below you can wallow in some pure 80's nostalgia with a top-of-their-game TV performance of Don't Go.

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