WNAMM08: New M-Audio Flagship Audio Interface

US M-Audio announces the M-Powered ProFire 2626 FireWire interface      18/01/08

WNAMM08: New M-Audio Flagship Audio Interface

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M-Audio has announced the ProFire 2626 audio interface. M-Audio tell us that, building on a legacy of award-winning FireWire audio interfaces, their new flagship model features 26 x 26 I/O at 24-bit/192kHz, DSP mixing, Octane preamp technology and Pro Tools M-Powered compatibility for next-generation performance with a PC or Mac host-based recording system.
With an onboard DSP mixer and router, M-Audio say that the ProFire 2626 interface provides a flexible solution for comprehensive studio work in any environment. The router enables users to select from up to 52 audio streams and send them to any of the 26 hardware outputs. The adaptable onboard DSP mixer provides the ability to create up to eight stereo mixes for multiple musicians. Users can also create presets and instantly recall these setups at a later date.
The ProFire 2626 features the same award-winning Octane preamp technology reviewers and audio professionals have praised in the M-Audio Octane 8-channel standalone preamp. M-Audio say that eight onboard mic pres provide pristine audio fidelity right from the start of the signal path. In addition to exceptional sound, each preamp has a generous 75dB gain range, 48V phantom power and a -20dB pad.
The ProFire 2626 interface supports ASIO and Core Audio for compatibility with a wide variety of digital audio workstations. In addition, ProFire 2626 works with Pro Tools M-Powered software, delivering, say M-Audio, broader compatibility than any other product in its class. The company tell us that this powerful combination of hardware and software provides an exceptionally stable and flexible recording environment that is file-compatible with the majority of professional studios around the world.**
The ProFire 2626 interface features a customizable master volume knob that delivers a unique level of flexible control. The knob is assignable to any or all of the four analog output pairs, providing a choice of which output pair will feed the main monitors. Users can also choose whether the master volume knob influences either or both of the two headphone outputs, or operates independently of them. In addition, the master level control can be assigned to all four output pairs to uniformly attenuate up to a 7.1 surround mix.
The flexible ProFire 2626 interface doubles as a standalone 8-channel preamp, 8-channel A/D-D/A converter and digital format converter. In standalone mode, the eight analog inputs route to the first eight ADAT optical output channels. This facilitates use of the line, instrument and mic ins—including the preamps—with other digital gear. Similarly, the first eight ADAT optical input channels feed the eight analog outputs to provide D/A functionality. Users can also disable the D/A conversion, transforming ProFire 2626 into a standalone 8-channel mic pre. The interface can also convert coaxial S/PDIF to optical S/PDIF.
The ProFire 2626 interface employs high-quality converters to deliver sampling rates up to 192kHz. The unit also features critically acclaimed JetPLL technology to provide extremely stable synchronization and eliminate jitter that can degrade audio quality. In addition, ProFire 2626 allows master or slave operation via internal clock, ADAT optical, S/PDIF and word clock. M-Audio’s mature, stable drivers deliver solid performance and ultra-low latency.
Adam Castillo, marketing director at M-Audio had this to say, “The ProFire 2626 is the most full-featured product in its class. It offers an unbeatable combination of essential features, plus unique additions like an assignable master volume knob and support for Pro Tools M-Powered. All in all, the ProFire 2626 provides more power and flexibility than any competing product.�
**96kHz and 18 x 18 I/O maximum with Pro Tools M-Powered.
Pricing and Availability:
The ProFire 2626 interface is currently expected to ship in the first quarter of 2008 and carries an MSRP of US$899.95. More information:

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