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US Oxygen Series (MKV) features smart controls, auto-mapping and built-in arpeggiator      27/04/21

M-Audio has announced the introduction of a new keyboard controller series, the Oxygen Series (MKV). They say that the Oxygen 25 (MKV), Oxygen 49 (MKV), and Oxygen 61 (MKV) keyboard controllers offer innovative advancements in hardware control enabling producers and performers the ability to create their own cutting-edge signature sounds on stage or in the studio. Here's the full information that M-Audio has sent us...

Available in 25-key, 49-key, and 61-key, the new Oxygen Series (MKV) are USB powered and all feature Smart Chord and Smart Scale technology, Auto-mapping, a built-in Arpeggiator and Note Repeat, offering powerful features for modern music production. The Oxygen Series (MKV) keyboard controllers feature eight backlit velocity-sensitive pads, nine assignable faders (one assignable fader on the Oxygen 25), eight assignable knobs, and full Velocity Control of keys and pads to open worlds of precise music creation.

Smart Controls
The Oxygen Series (MKV) include Smart Chord and Smart Scale technology. The Smart Chord feature plays full chords with a single key press, while the Smart Scale feature plays the exact notes within a chosen scale eliminating wrong notes. Both features offer more options with a Custom Mode and over 15 different scale variations. With Smart Chord and Smart Scale technology, making music and unleashing your unlimited creativity has never been easier.

Auto-Mapping for Creative DAW Control
Using the Oxygen Series (MKV) controller with any DAW is incredibly easy. Controls such as Transport, Faders, Pan, Record Arm, Solo, Mute, Select and many more are automatically mapped for a fluid workflow with all major DAWs-- including Ableton, Pro Tools, MPC Beats, Cubase, Logic, Studio One and more. By simply selecting your DAW on the Oxygen Series (MKV) keyboard controller and configuring your DAW's preferences to the keyboard, a new world of creative production is at your fingertips.

Built-in Arpeggiator
The built-in Arpeggiator on the Oxygen Series (MKV) helps add excitement and movement to music quickly and easily. When the Arpeggiator is activated, the keyboard will repeatedly play the keys that are pressed in the selected sequence either in the keyboard's tempo or the DAW's tempo setting. This powerful tool can operate in Latch or Momentary Mode and further utilises creative parameters such as Type, Octave, Gate, and Swing - offering a wide array of experimental possibilities.

Premium Software Suite and Learning Tools
The Oxygen Series (MKV) includes everything for immediate creative potential from the get-go. Record, sequence, arrange and mixdown tracks with a choice of two professional DAWs including MPC Beats and Ableton Live Lite. Additionally, included are two critically acclaimed virtual instruments; Hybrid 3 multi-oscillator synthesiser, and Mini Grand Acoustic Piano, both offering a wide array of remarkable sounds. Finally, after building playing-skills and confidence with 60 free lessons from Melodics and a 3-month premium membership with Skoove, dive into a world of cutting-edge sound content with a collection of Expansion Packs from Akai Professional's legendary MPC Series.

Oxygen Series (MKV) Features
• Full-size, velocity-sensitive keys
• Preset and DAW buttons for auto-mapped DAW instruments and plugins
• Assignable faders let you mix your productions with ease
• Smart Chord mode enables playing of enharmonic or custom chord voicings
• Smart Scale mode eliminates wrong notes making it easy to craft a perfect song
• Arpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controls
• 2 banks of 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with Note Repeat for beat production
• (8) assignable knobs for manipulating virtual instruments and plugins
• Transport buttons let you control your DAW without reaching for the mouse
• Display provides instant parameter feedback
• Ergonomically designed pitch and modulation wheels & 1/4" sustain pedal input
• Includes MIDI editor software and a complete software production package:

2 DAWs
• MPC Beats
• Ableton Live Lite

Virtual Instruments
• Hybrid 3 - Multi-oscillator synthesiser
• Mini Grand - Acoustic piano

MPC Expansion Packs
• MPC Beats Producer Kits - Multi-Genre Beat Production Pack
• F9 Instruments Beats Edition - 25 High Quality Instrument Samples
• LANIAKEA Sounds – TrapSoul & LoFi Production Pack
• MSX Audio - Soulful Drums Collection
• ADSR - LoFi Producer Collection

Pricing and Availability:
The Oxygen MKV series are available immediately and ship with the following MSRP's:
Oxygen 25 (MKV) - £89.99 Oxygen 49 (MKV) - £129.99 Oxygen 61 (MKV) - £159.99

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