Practice Amps With That Classic Vox Look Now Available

US DA10CL and DA20CL make the shops in time for Christmas      29/11/07

Practice Amps With That Classic Vox Look Now Available

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Vox have been in touch to tell us that the DA10CL and DA20CL, (basically the same as the DA10 and DA20 but in classic Vox livery), that we brought preliminary news of back in September, are now available – just in time for Christmas. Here’s the details in their own words…
Two new amps deliver great tone. Wherever you want!
Based on the popular DA5 Digital Amp, the new DA10CL and DA20CL combine higher power with the same great tone and go-anywhere portability of their smaller sibling. And like the DA5, both new amps offer the option of running on battery power, so you can take the jam session literally anywhere!
Loaded with tone, at home or to go
The 10-Watt DA10CL and the 20-Watt DA20CL offer 11 distinctive sound styles ranging from clean to high gain, 11 great sounding, digital effects, a “knob-based� control panel that’s really easy to use, plus a whole lot more. Designed to take the show on the road, both of the new DA amps can be cranked up at 5 Watts on battery power (4 x C batteries, not included).
Great sounding effects
The versatility of the DA10 CL and DA20 CL extends to a full complement of 11 digital effects. Both amps feature auto-wah, chorus + delay, chorus + reverb, compressor, compressor + chorus, compressor + phaser, delay, flanger + reverb, reverb, rotary + reverb, and tremolo + reverb. There’s also a Tap Button that makes it easy to set the delay time or modulation speed. And like the larger AD Series or “Valvetronix� amps, editing the effects parameters on the DA10 and DA20 is simple.
Double up the tone
The DA10 CL and DA20 CL are each equipped with two VOX original design speakers. The DA10 CL is loaded with 2 x 6.5" speakers, while the DA20 CL packs a punch with 2 x 8" speakers. With the VOX DA amplifiers, you don’t have to sacrifice great tone for portability and ease of use!
Play it anywhere, any way!
The DA10 CL and DA20 CL can be powered by its AC adapter or by six C batteries. A built-in output power switch (MAX, 1.5W, 0.5W) helps extend battery life and lets you play at lower volume without losing any tone or feel.
That’s not the only trick these tone machines have to offer. Both come equipped with an AUX IN which allows you to connect an external audio device such as a CD or MP3 player, plus a MIC INPUT to connect a microphone. Just plug your guitar in, and you can play and sing along with your favorite band or recording!
Great for practicing and recording
The DA10 CL and DA20 CL are equipped with a combination Line/Headphone output so you can connect to a headphone, mixer or recorder. The amps’ emulated line out provides a full, realistic sound whether you’re recording direct or listening through headphones. And since plugging into the jack defeats the speaker output, you can practice when you want, where you want, and as loud as you want in total privacy.
Great sounding. Great looking, too.
The DA10 CL and DA20 CL are dressed in black vinyl with brown diamond fret cloth and gold fascia strip.
Pricing and Availability:
DA10CL - £125.96
DA20CL - £139.57
More information:

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