Digidesign Eleven Now Available

US New plug-in brings guitar amp sounds to Pro Tools, Avid, and VENUE systems      26/11/07

Digidesign Eleven Now Available

Digidesign tell us that their Eleven guitar amp emulation plug-in for Pro Tools, Avid, and Digidesign VENUE systems, previewed by us in October, is now available for purchase. They say that, providing access to a connoisseur’s collection of vintage and modern amp sounds, Eleven sets a new standard in sound quality and tone-shaping flexibility for recording and live guitar amp sounds.
Digidesign Eleven offers a carefully selected emulations of modern amplifiers and speaker cabinets based on amps and cabinets from Vox, Fender, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, and Soldano, as well as several custom Digidesign creations inspired by the most revered amplifier designs in the world. In order to achieve an unprecedented level of realism, Digidesign tell us that theydeveloped an innovative new approach to amp modelling, as well as consulted with some of the industry’s leading guitar players, recording engineers, and music facilities.
Dusty DiMercurio, marketing manager for Eleven, told us, “Our “Eleven really captures those subtle, yet immensely important nuances that make the guitar amp combos we cloned sound like the real thing. Eleven team really went the extra mile with this plug-in by including non-linear characteristics often overlooked in other amp-modelling solutions—things like power amp sag, speaker cone break-up, cabinet resonance, and ghost notes. The result of this painstaking attention to detail delivers what we feel is the most incredible and realistic digital guitar amp emulations we’ve heard; it’s something we’re all very proud of here at Digidesign.�
Bobby Lombardi, product manager for Eleven, added, “Eleven was a very exciting, and truly challenging project for our engineers. Just getting our hands on the amps we modelled was a real feat unto itself; we were very particular about making sure all the original amps’ components were intact—with no modifications or deviations from the original design. From there we spent an enormous amount of time modelling every stage of the amps’ signal path.
The convolution-based speaker cabinets and mics, combined with innovative modelling techniques, really help give the plug-in its true-to-life sounds: we not only captured the cabinet resonance that’s unique to each amp and speaker combination, we also managed to model the speaker load and coupling with the power amp, and the natural cabinet resonance that happens when driving a speaker at different volumes. Eleven’s response to each player’s individual style and playing techniques is pretty amazing—it’s uncanny how much it feels like you’re playing through a real amp with this plug-in.�
Digidesign say that Eleven comes preloaded with a broad selection of great-sounding and easily accessible amp model configurations, and allows independent selection and bypass of the amp and mic’d cabinet models, enabling users to create a near-limitless palette of their own unique signature sounds.
Pricing and Availability:
Eleven is available in two versions—Eleven and Eleven LE.
Eleven supports TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite plug-in formats for use with Pro Tools|HD, ICON, and VENUE systems.
Eleven LE supports RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats for use with Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems.
UK Prices: Eleven £325 exc. VAT, Eleven LE £220 exc. VAT.
More information:

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