M-Audio Introduce Their First Headphones

US Studiophile Q40 headphones build on the success of M-Audio studio monitors      20/11/07

M-Audio Introduce Their First Headphones

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M-Audio have announced the Studiophile Q40 closed-back dynamic headphones. This new product offering represents the company’s entry into the headphone market following on from their range of studio reference monitors like the popular BX and EX series.
M-Audio say that the Studiophile Q40 headphones utilize professional-grade dynamic drivers that deliver full-range specs and stunning sonic detail. The extra-large drivers measure 40 millimeters in diameter, exceeding the size of most other headphones to offer superior low-frequency extension. The combination of vented diaphragms made of low-mass treated mylar, neodymium magnets and copper-clad aluminum voice coils delivers efficient performance for enhanced bass. These elements come together in M-Audio’s custom enclosure, which has been specially tuned to further extend low frequencies.
The headphones feature sealed backings and comfortable ear cups that completely surround the ears, resulting, say M-Audio, in excellent isolation from outside noise. This enables users to hear more detail at lower volumes, which protects their hearing while tracking, mixing or listening in any noisy environment.
The Studiophile Q40 headphones are designed to closely emulate the experience of listening to full-sized reference monitors in a professional studio environment, aiming to provide exceptional imaging and a wide sound stage for accurate mixing without the hassle of worrying about speaker placement or room acoustics.
M-Audio tell us that the new headphones are built for durability and extended wear. In addition to lightweight construction, comfortable earpads provide hours of listening ease. The sturdy frame is also collapsible for easy travel and mobile studio use. The included storage bag protects them from dust and damage.
Connection is via a detachable 3-meter cable with 1/8� plugs on each end. The ability to replace this cable helps protect users’ overall investment in the event of cable failure. A 1/4�-to-1/8� adapter is also included.
In addition to the 10Hz - 20kHz frequency response, the Studiophile Q40 headphones feature a sensitivity of 116dB SPL (1mW IEC318) and rated impedance of 64 Ω. Weight without cable is .5 lbs. (.25 kg).
Adam Castillo, marketing director at M-Audio, had this to say, “With the Studiophile Q40, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from building our popular reference monitors and created exactly what people expect from M-Audio—top quality and easy mobility. The Q40 headphones are ideal for tracking and mixing, as well as simply enjoying music.�
Pricing and Availability:
The Studiophile Q40 headphones are currently shipping with an MSRP of $179.95 USD. More information:

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