Premastering Software Updated With Over 200 Changes

Sonic Studio Ships Version 2.0.2 of PreMaster CD      07/11/07

Premastering Software Updated With Over 200 Changes

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Sonic Studio has , announced the release of a new version of their low cost premastering application, PreMaster CD 2.0.2. They say that, with improved performance and stability, PreMaster CD yet again strengthens its position as the go–to application for professional CD creation on the Mac. Here’s the rest of what they have to say about it in their own words:
Borrowing some of the high end features that Sonic Studio is known for, PreMaster CD provides key functionality not found in many digital audio workstations. In addition, available options allow savvy engineers to customize the application’s already strong collection of functions based on client need. This new release consolidates all the maintenance changes incorporated into the code base while adding the framework needed for the 3.0 release, an upcoming Universal Binary version.
PreMaster CD offers expert premastering chops, including completely adjustable Start, End and Index mark placement, ISR and UPC/EAN Codes, plus automatic and semi–automatic PQ generation. Sonic Studio’s exclusive Smart Fade Tool and background CD writing, along with easy drag and drop resequencing makes quick work of CD refs. The Master Section, with large, adjustable metering, a master fader with dim, and convenient management of redithering parameters, offers centralized command and control. The Manual DeClick II option and DDP File Open for both split and consolidated file sets adds another level custom functionality while the ability to export BWF or AIFF back to your favorite DAW rounds out the feature set.
Every engineer needs special tools to compete in their market. In a career spanning two decades, Rob Beaton has produced and recorded artists as diverse as guitar hero Buckethead and the top shelf Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Beaton finds PreMaster CD a perfect fit for his diverse clientele. “The Sonic Studio name and reputation made this purchase a no–brainer for me.� Considering the current business climate, he qualifies his statement with the following advice…“It’s hard to stay competitive technologically with the A–list mastering houses, and PreMaster CD is one of the ways that I can. To be able to tell my clients I’m using Sonic Studio to make my CDs and DDPs is very important.� His customers also notice an improvement to his deliverables. “I’ve gotten a number of comments from my clients, especially the ones I have a long term relationship with. They do hear the difference! The combination of PreMaster CD…along with high quality media, all adds up to a better sounding CD, and that’s what it’s all about.�
Pricing and Availability:
PreMaster CD 2.0.2 is available now starting at US$475 for a downloadable version, while upgrades are free for existing customers. For more information, demo copy or studio trial:

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