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New Products at the AES show in Munich      01/05/09

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On May 8, 2009, after a seven year hiatus, the audio community will converge on Munich's M,O,C, Event Center for this year's 126th Audio Engineering Society Convention. Sonic Studio, LLC tell us that they will be there, launching new products, demonstrating current wares, and providing a glimpse at future technologies of note. Here's the details that they have sent us...
Sonic Studio will stage the first public showing of several new items. A brief look at the convention highlights include:
  • a preview of the new, secureDDP application
  • the release of the new Amarra Computer Music Player
  • the release of the new version of Quartet DynPEQ
  • the announcement of a new bundle for DSD production
  • on–site demonstrations of new & current products including the latest versions of PreMaster CD and soundBlade
A significant new product will be previewed at the show, a software utility for audio engineers and record labels. secureDDP is an application for Mac OS that encrypts existing DDP file sets which can then be safely and securely delivered over public computer networks. secureDDP supports DDP file sets from SADiE, Eclipse, DCA and Merging, as well as from Sonic Studio's own product lines. It features 128 bit encryption and fail–safe operation to ensure that encrypted DDPs arrive unaltered and uncracked. Mastering houses seeking electronic delivery of client approvals and replication masters now have a simple and secure mechanism. Also with secureDDP, record labels seeking to sell high resolution music on–line can now distribute entire albums in a trustworthy and bit–perfect form. secureDDP will be available through Sonic Studio's eStore starting on June 15th.
Amarra, a turnkey system for easy computer playback of high resolution files, will be shown publicly for the first time since its release. The Amarra Computer Music Player combines the precision of the SSE (Sonic Studio Engine) with the power of Sonic Studio hardware and easy operation of iTunes. Amarra establishes a new paradigm for ultra–fidelity home entertainment. Sonic Studio will be demonstrating Amarra with their Model Four DAC, as well as with Swiss partner Weiss Engineering Ltd.'s FireWire Audio Interfaces.
During the convention, Sonic Studio will be exhibiting new updates to several products. Version 3.0.3 of PreMaster CD now offers DDP File Open, the option to load back and modify existing DDP file sets, at a new lower price. soundBlade 1.3.3 will also be on demo, with the eight channel capability included as standard. Demos of the upcoming version 2 of soundBlade will highlight its expanded multichannel capabilities. Also for soundBlade, version 1.1 of Wholegrain Digital System's Quartet DynPEQ dynamic energy shaping plug–in will be available for evaluation.
With the addition of low cost, DSD–native recorders to the audio engineer's toolkit, there has not been a professional and low cost solution to the problem of DSD to PCM conversion and distribution. In response to that need, Sonic Studio is now offering a new bundle. DSD Converter™, an option for PreMaster CD, is a bidirectional transcoder that converts both DSD and LPCM data. DSD Converter is now available as a package with PreMaster CD, saving hundreds while offering a simplified PCM workflow that preserves all the nuance of original DSD recordings.
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