Sonic Studio At The AES

Company set to launch, demo and preview new professional solutions in NYC      01/10/09

Sonic Studio At The AES

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Here's the press release that Sonic Studio have sent us...
New York – October 9, 2009 -- Back in Manhattan, the audio community will gather at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for this fall's 127th Audio Engineering Society Convention. Sonic Studio, LLC will be there, launching new products, demonstrating new releases, and providing a glimpse at future technologies of interest.
The company will stage the first public showing of several new items. A brief look at the convention highlights include:
  • the release of the new PreMaster CDâ„¢ 3.1.2
  • the release of the new soundBladeâ„¢ 1.3.5
  • previews of the new Amarraâ„¢ Computer Music Player 1.1
  • previews of the new secureDDPâ„¢ 1.1
  • an on–site event in conjunction with Airshow Mastering
  • on–site demonstrations of current software, Series 300â„¢ hardware & future product releases
During the convention, Sonic Studio will be exhibiting new updates to several of their products. Version 3.1.2 of PreMaster CD includes WAV exporting and redithering improvements. soundBlade 1.3.5 will also be available for evaluation, with new file handling capabilities. Demonstrations of the upcoming Universal Binary version of soundBlade will highlight its expanded multichannel capacity.
Amarra, a pair of products for easy computer playback of very high resolution files, will be shown publicly for the first time since the new version's release. The Amarra Computer Music Player and Amarra MINI combine the precision of the SSE, the Sonic Studio Engine, with the easy operation of iTunes. Utilizing Amarra MINI as an ultra–fidelity music source in their booth, channel partner Dangerous Music will incorporate the product into their demo rig.
Amarra has already established a new paradigm for ultra–fidelity home entertainment, and version 1.1 adds background sample rate up–conversion, along with support for Apple Lossless and a wider choice of hosts. When paired with Sonic Studio's Model Four™ DAC, Amarra gains unique hardware integration, providing special features with enhanced control.
Previewed earlier this year at the AES convention in Munich, Sonic Studio will also show a powerful software utility for distributing protected, high resolution music files. secureDDP is an application for Mac OS that encrypts existing DDP file sets, which can then be safely and securely delivered over public computer networks.
The upcoming version 1.1 of secureDDP supports standard 44/16 DDP Master reference files for client approval and CD "burning." secureDDP is also designed to handle high resolution DDP masters, with sample rates up to 192 kHz, plus 128 bit encryption and fail–safe operation to ensure that encrypted audio files arrive unaltered and uncracked. With secureDDP, artists and labels seeking to monetize high resolution music on–line can now distribute entire albums in a trustworthy and bit–perfect form. The entire Sonic Studio product line will be able to open high resolution DDP files, allowing consumers to play back a performance without compromise, exactly the way the engineer and artist envisioned it.
"Sonic Studio's secureDDP is a much needed and elegant solution to sending CD refs to clients," says David Glasser, founder and chief engineer at Airshow Mastering. "With tight deadlines, the ability to download and open a complete CD ref with a single click is invaluable," he continues. "Our customers, even the computer–challenged ones, have been giving us a thumbs up on secureDDP. The fact that this works with DDP file sets created by a wide range of mastering applications has made integrating secureDDP into our workflow very easy." In keeping with their long standing business relationship, Sonic Studio and Airshow Mastering will be holding a special event on the show floor to celebrate the opening of Airshow's new facility in Takoma Park, MD. Press representatives and the public are both invited.
Where and When:
AES runs from 9th-12th October at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC
More information:

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